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About us

What should a good workplace look like?

It's really important to be able to enjoy yourself at Factory. That is why we continuously enrich the kinds of benefits that support the well-being of our colleagues.

The tea- and coffee consumption is unlimited and free in our headquarters. An old lady comes weekly to sell bio-products grown on her farm. Once a week, we have cake-day and fruit-day. Cakes excite the happiness hormones at the end of the week, fruits keep a healthy level of vitamins. Pizza-vouchers are available to make the lunch cheaper.

A masseuse visits us as needed, but at least once in a month to take care of our back after sitting in front of computers so much. We also have a sauna which is free to use any time on the third floor. Table-soccer, located at the software development department, and table tennis, which was a gift for the ladies on Women’s Day 2011, are used regularly.

The environment is important for us - that is why we support our workers with a discount when buying a bicycle.

We love music and theater. We support lots of artistic organizations and as a thank you, they entertain our workmates at their festivals, concerts, performances, and productions. If any of these events are in Budapest, than the company-rented flat is available in the downtown for everyone. This is near to our A+ category office located on Eiffel Square, so our colleagues can continue their work there the next day, if they wish.

Factory even has a Cooking School. Last time its members visited Pécs. The trip was supported by the company. There is a running team, called Gallipoli in Factory, as well.
Additionally, the company gives financial support to all company parties like Fishsoup Festival, Halloween Party, Carnival, and to sport activities like bowling and basketball field renting.

We are a family-friendly workplace: it’s important for us to guarantee a homey-feeling for our colleagues. Factory reached 100% on Aon Hewitt’s “The Best Workplace 2010” survey, and we received the “Best Workplace for Women 2010” award from the Hungarian Women Carrier Development Organization.

Factory Creative Studio has spent more than ten million forints for professional training in the last few years.

Come and experience it yourself!


If you can’t find a position that suits you but you think your professional knowledge is related to our services, then we will gladly look over your application. For the Creative Department, we can only accept applications that include a portfolio.

Applying for our job offers is possible only online via e-mail with the attached documents:

  • American style, English CV with photo
  • requests of wishes regarding the position or working hours (part time job, internship, entrant...)
  • salary requirement
  • list of reference works (including URL's, depending on the type of job)
  • professional or personal recommendations
Please note that we can’t evaluate incomplete applications.

  • high level communication skills
  • ability to work in a team
  • foreign language knowledge
  • sense of humor
  • dynamism, demureness
  • works well under pressure
  • experience in studio and agency life
  • completed higher education (or close to reaching it)
  • C-level language knowledge
We answer all candidates in a couple of days, and after that we choose the perfect candidate that best fits us professionally as well as on a personal level.

Java developer:

Ask for more details. Non remote job. Native English welcome!

Drupal developer (Executive or Senior):

We are looking for an experienced professional with references for creating and developing complex Drupal-systems. Full time job in Szeged with good company, carrier building opportunity and training.

    developing of Drupal modules
    developing Drupal based solutions
    developing Drupal-systems

    knowledge of Drupal Hook system
    knowledge of Drupal Form API
    knowledge of jQuery
    knowledge of Drupal Javascript
    knowledge of Drupal template system
    knowledge of Drupal coding standard
    knowledge and confident use of the most important contrib modules
    professional English knowledge
    more than 2-year-experience

    experience developing and using other CMS systems
    good source documenting skill (ex. phpDocumentor, doxygen knowledge)
    experience in developing complex systems
    knowledge of Javascript libraries (yquery, prototpe, etc.)
    database-knowledge (PostgreSQL, Oracle)
    C-level English language knowledge
    ability to lead teams
    active participation in Drupal society

Please send your CV and required document for the following e-mail address:

Alfresco(/JAVA) developer:

Full time job @Szeged

Irina Tilev
Marketing Manager, Networks Russia & CIS

Sony Pictures Europe House
"Bea - my compliments - this is a fantastic looking 1st draft, one of the best I've ever seen! I would like to share it with Mara and Tom tomorrow and get back to you with our joint feedback.

(Comment for Beatrix Bolla about the drafts of AXN Baltic brochure design)"