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Newsletter system

With our newsletter system, you can send personalized newsletters incorporating images and text, view read reports and statistical analysis, and create your own subscriber databases.

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I. General

  1. Unlimited Lists & Subscribers
    Factory Newsletter System provides unlimited number of subscribers divided into unlimited number of mailing lists.
  2. Time-Sensitive Auto Responders
    Addition of time-sensitive auto responders to any of your lists. An instant auto responder may welcome the new subscriber, can have a message automatically sent 24 hrs after their subscription and have another mailing sent a week later.

II. Sending

  1. Multiple Sending Formats
    Send your messages in a variety of formats including Multi-Format (MIME), HTML only, or text only.
  2. Test Send Before Sending to List
    Use the "test send" feature on the preview page to send a test copy of your mailing. View your message through the eyes of the subscribers that you're sending to.
  3. Scheduled Sending
    Set mailings to send at a pre-defined time and date. Useful for future mailings or to send mailings at off-peak times for your server.
  4. Real-Time Message Queue
    The visualisation of message queue allows you to view message sending status and re- queue your message as needed.
  5. Automatically Detect Duplicates During Mailing
    When your mailing is sent Factory Newsletter System checks for duplicates and ensures that the same address is not sent more than once, even in multiple lists.
  6. Include Attachments With Mailings
    You can add several files to your mailing such as a PDF or pictures for distribution to your list. Any number of attachments can be added to your message.
  7. Bounced E-mail Management
    By setting up the bounced e-mail management feature with Factory Newsletter System you can detect and delete all bounces that occur after your mailing. The system will then flag bounced addresses. After X times bouncing the address will be removed from your list, keeping your list clean of bad addresses.
  8. Templates, Headers, & Footers
    Multiple areas of pre-set content for use on redundant mailings or on a company header for each mailing. Also, you have the ability to use already sent messages as a template for a future mailing.
  9. Save Messages For Later
    Save the message if you have to quit composing and you can go back and edit it at any future date.
  10. WYSIWYG Visual Text Editor For Composing Mailings
    Factory Newsletter System comes with a powerful text editor for composing HTML rich messages. Using our easy to understand MS Word style editor anyone can compose compelling HTML messages complete with images, tables, text formatting and more at the click of a button.

III. Personalization

  1. 1. Personalize Mailings With Subscribers Data
    You can easily personalize your mailings with the subscriber's name, e-mail address, and any number of optional fields.
  2. Automatic Unsubscription Link
    An automatic unsubscription link is added to the bottom of your mailing. Or, as an option, you may insert the unsubscription link anywhere in the mailing.

IV. Statistics

  1. Automatic Link Tracking
    Link tracking lets you know who clicks on each link, how many times they clicked, and on what date. You can create a new list based off those statistics.
  2. Open/Read Tracking
    The statistics include who opened and read your mailing, at what date, and how many times.
  3. Unsubscribed List
    For each list all users who have unsubscribed are added to the unsubscribed list.
  4. Statistical Graph Reporting
    You can easily generate graphs for statistical reporting.
  5. AutoResponder Statistical Info
    View number of Autoresponders that have been sent, amounts of reads, and bounces

V. Subscriptions

  1. Import Subscribers
    An advanced importer makes it easy to import all your subscriber's data such as email, name, and any number of optional fields
  2. Export Subscribers
    Export your subscribers into a text box for easy copy/past exporting or export all your fields to a .CSV file with the click of a button
  3. Double Opt-In/Out Options
    When turned on it requires the subscriber to confirm their subscription by clicking on a confirmation link that is sent to their e-mail address.
  4. Remind Non-Confirmed Subscribers
    For users that have not fully completed their opt-in message you can send a simple reminder message that allows them to complete the opt-in process.
Our clients using the Factory Newsletter System:

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Lazareva Nadezda
Marketing manager

ООО «Кнорр-Бремзе Системы для Коммерческого Транспорта»/ LLC Knorr-Bremse Systems for Commercial Vehicles, Москва/ Moscow
"„Thank you all for very interesting meeting and wonderful time and for the warm hospitality you gave me at Szeged. I want to thank you for all you have done, and I hope that in future we will achieve mutually beneficial cooperation on many issues.”

(To Zsuzsa Mező Client Services Director, Andrea Széll Account Assistant, Tamas Barta Print Production and Traffic Manager and Eva Eső Nyemcsok Head of Communication and PR, after her first visit to Factory office)