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Survey system

With the Factory Survey System you can create surveys integrated into webpages or having their own separate survey site, deploy them using a database of addresses, and view the response statistics.


I. General
  1. Easy to customize public survey page
    The Factory Survey System lets you distribute your survey to an unlimited number of participants.
  2. Survey settings
    You can name your Survey through the General settings tab.
    You can edit the Security, Response, Navigation and Survey completion settings.
  3. Powerful AJAX Survey Creation
    “Drag and drop“ editing, autosave, etc
  4. Deploy Survey
    Easy editing, complex individual conditions and logical structure. See the responses real-time immediately. Watch individual responses for special client and buying behaviour surveys.
  5. 18 Question Types
    Choose from 18 different question types when creating surveys including multiple answer checkboxes, one answer drop down, True/False, open ended multiple and single lines, date, Yes/No, radio buttons, images, matrix, free form html, sliders, sortable list.

II. Survey features and applications
  1. Email lists
    Editing, sorting and ordering the list of participants according to their responses. Importing address and data lists from the Factory Newsletter System and other databases to launch of a survey.
  2. Intuitive dashboard
  3. Styles with full CSS controls
    You can customize the look of your survey page by choosing a template or creating a new one. You can edit and save the templates for future use, and save time.

III. Survey Reports
  1. Analyze Responses With Animated Graphs
  2. General Respondent Reports
  3. View Individual Responses

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Dóra Szabari
marketing associate

Égáz-Dégáz Zrt.
"Our company has been cooperating with Factory Creative Studio for several years. In general, we work together in the design and printing of communication materials, but above these, they have proved their knowledge in the plotting and operation of electronic newsletters as well. It‘s very important to pass our messages with an exigent and high standard to our Clients. Factory Creative Studio is at our disposal in this. Last but not least, the workmanship of the company is flexible, creative, and swift, which is an indispensable aspect in the succesful performance of an agency."