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Factory Creative Studio is a committed supporter of the open-source solutions and develops its own licensed softwares as well. We began to use Drupal, an open-source CMS back in 2008, and we got to like it quite soon because of its' versatility and flexibility. Nowadays Drupal is not only for  small businesses or civic organizations seeking for cheep solutions, but for the business and government sector as well.

Factory has a separate team dedicated to Drupal-based solutions. Their work is supported with continuous trainings and professional consultations. As a result we have in our portfolio professional solutions for Drupal-based sites and a multilevel support service, too.

The team's activity can be divided into three main parts:

Building websites

We create SEF and professional websites for the business and private sector as well by keeping the trend of the unique, user friendly design.

Module development

By taking the advantages of the open-source system, our developers prepare custom modules within the framework. These modules are either simple functions for webpages or realize management of complex business processes. In this service we integrate our clients' already existing third party solutions into their websites.


Besides the free framework and the wide range of customization it is important to exploit the advantages of a developed website during its whole lifetime. We provide cover for our clients with continuous IT and user support.
We provide daily help for 30 websites in 9 countries for Sony Pictures Television Europe with webpage development and usage.

Our Drupal solutions

- Drupal pages
- SEO, SEF URLs, analytics, cache, opensource CMS
- multilingual pages
- Drupal portals
- Drupal webshops
- custom modules
- custom design planning and implementing
- custom user interface
- usability optimizing
- integrating Drupal and third party solutions
- designing Drupal servers
- professional Drupal support

Supporting the Community

Being professional Drupal developers we are committed to the system and it's developer community, so we regularly support Hungarian and international Drupal conferences and camps.

Supported events:
Drupalcon Szeged
Drupal Tábor Pécs
Drupal Camp Temesvár

Sam Moorthy
owner, coaching trainer

Building up Factory's future and helping them realize their ambitions are very exciting projects. Another reason: to tell the truth, I'm impressed by the quality of the staff's knowledge and their passion for work. I have not seen such things often.