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Da Vinci Learning: On-air

01. July 2013.
On-air reel for Da Vinci Learning channel published.

Da Vinci Learning web and graphic rebrand

09. May 2012.
Da Vinci Learning is one of the world’s finest knowledge TV channels, bringing true education, the best entertainment and personal inspiration directly to your home. At Da Vinci Learning, they believe that everyone is curious about how things really work and longs for the opportunity to be amazed, discover and to gain knowledge. This is why they’ve facilitated their own process of learning: education without effort, simply by watching TV. Viewers are playfully encouraged to participate in finding answers to thrilling questions.

No more dull TV watching. Da Vinci Learning’s mission is to turn television into a meaningful experience, every day and for everyone.

Factory was responsible for the on air, print and online rebranding of the channel and its section for children. We have redesigned the look of the channel starting from the generic and kids logos, through the on air IDs, sound design, online presence and print materials. Online rebranding has encompassed both websites – generic and kids – which have been localized for 8 countries each. The websites were built on the latest Drupal 7 platform and they synchronize EPG and videos automatically from the client’s own asset management system.

The redesigned on air look for children’s programs includes 10 channel IDs, new ad openers and closers, navigation elements and sound design. All assets are in sync with the generic look and fit into the world of curiosity and science by telling short animated stories of scientific analogies and similarities.

Factory makes the branding of Da Vinci Learning

05. July 2011.
Ferdinand Habsburg, the owner and managing director of Da Vinci Learning Channel, visited Factory Creative Studio's Szeged premises on Monday to sign a contract involving the channel’s on-air, off-air and online creative image-development - which includes the design of it’s entire online media appearance.

Ferdinand Habsburg spokes about branding of Da Vinci Learning at Factory office

The Da Vinci Learning education and informative channel is available in 15 countries – mostly in Central Europe. It’s possible to subscribe for the channel in Hungary at all the bigger cable-television service company.

Hard work at Factory

Factory won the commission of the international tender. Ferdinand Habsburg said that our company has creativity and technical knowledge in one place - coupled with experience in online video content visualization.

Stand up at the Factory office - meeting and speaking about daily tasks. Next to Ferdinand Habsburgnak stands Zsolt Fábián managing and creative director

Factory received it’s biggest and most exciting mission by signing this contract. Hopefully our position in the broadcast field can be strengthened with this project: this is our third project that includes the branding of a TV channel and the related works.


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