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20. December 2013.
New Age Comes! Keep in Touch!

Corporate design: Factory Creative Life

25. March 2013.
A new member joined to Factory group by the foundation of Factor Creative Life. The company primarily deals with application writing and other ngo activities.

The only request from the colleagues was to create a more “girlish” look. The butterfly gave the basic idea, then with the origami style and simple geometric forms, an unified design came off.

After development of basic color, shapes and typographical units the adaptation of the figures to other surfaces could begin. New ideas are still coming to make the image perfect.

The first version of the website is already available, currently provides the platform for contact information for visitors.

Factory started the new year with two awards

28. January 2013.
Our company received the Kölcsey-medal and the Cyclist Friend Workplace 2012 prize.

Factory was awarded the Kölcsey-medal in recognition of the company’s work done for the culture of Szeged. The city’s government gives the award every year since 2003. This year, the medal for a new category, called Cultural Support Company, was handed to Zsolt Fábián, Managing Director, on the Day of Culture (January 22). As part of its ProBono program, Factory supports cultural organizations – THEALTER International Theater Festival, Kosztolányi Theater Subotica, Szeged Contemporary Dance Company, MASZK Association, Focus Workshop and International Guitar Festival Szeged – with over 10-million-Forints-worth every year.

We received the Cyclist Friend Workplace prize for the second time from the Ministry of National Development in recognition of our support of cyclists and the cyclist culture. In addition to running the Drótszamarak bicycle courier service, Factory encourages employees to cycle by offering financial support for the purchase and servicing of a new bike. Most of our colleagues ride their bike even during winter.

Factory is awarded the Technology Fast 50 Central Europe Award

26. October 2012.
The Central European Technology Fast 50 awards were handed out on Thursday, the 25th of October at the headquarters of Deloitte Hungary in Budapest. Factory Creative Studio Kft. has become one of the fastest developing technology companies of the region; the award was received by Managing and Creative Director Zsolt Fábián. An interesting fact is that over half of the awarded companies are Polish, but there are Czech, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Estonian and Serbian ones in the top 50 as well.
8 Hungarian companies were added to the Central European best 50s list, Factory reached the 6th position in Hungary and the 44th in the region.

Zsolt Fábián Managing and Creative Director gets the Award

Those companies are entitled to enter the Technology Fast 50 which own a technology that significantly contributes to their operating revenues and which spend a major portion of their income on research and development. Some of the prerequisites were to have at least € 50.000 operating revenue and to be at least a 5-years old as a company. Firms from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia had the possibility to designate. The original Fast 50 Program was launched in the Silicon Valley in 1995. The program had grown into Fast 500 in the USA and Europe. Nowadays it’s one of the most important standards for success in the technology industry.

Eight Hungarian companies made it to the Central European best 50s list. Factory reached the 6th position in Hungary and the 44th in the region. With his position, Factory has sparked the attention of a venture capital group, and so the collations are starting soon. In general, small companies stand a better chance of getting into the Fast 50s; others with a larger staff base, like Factory have a much harder job.

Factory Creative Studio Kft. is Hungary’s biggest rural integrated communication agency. We started our activity 11 years ago with projects for the creative and advertising industry. Nowadays, significant resources are spent on research and development, software- and new platform development activities as well as graphic design. We prepare most of our works for the television industry. Our most important clients from this area are Sony Pictures Television Networks, HBO Central-Europe, The Walt Disney Company and DaVinci Learning GmBH. We “offer on air, online, on paper” solutions, which means that we create and deliver brand communication to television, online and traditional media. More than half of our cash flow come from international market, and English as a working language is general for us.

Most of our solutions and services are based on the idea of developing, implementing and integrating open source technology into enterprise environments. The main areas are:
– Drupal-based CMS solutions,
– Magento-based e-commerce systems,
– Alfresco-based DAM solutions,
– Development of multi screen systems (Smart TV, tablets, consoles, OTT devices),
– Air-/Flex-based B2B solutions, new platform development,
– development of content managing CDN platforms,
– development of transcoding solutions,
– development of Variable Data Printing systems,
and a whole range of digital agency services from design to social networks, from UXD/IA projects to campaign planning, from TV channel crossplatform and corporate ID design to content development.

We are proud of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award; we couldn’t have won it without our colleagues’ talent, endurance, loyalty, diligence and their undying curiosity about new technologies.

Our position on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list demonstrates the company’s excellent business results and capable management. Factory Creative Studio’s unconcealed intention is regional expansion, and the prize can help boost this process a lot. During last year, Factory won the Best Workplace for Women, Family-friendly Workplace and Bike Friendly Workplace Awards, while our Managing Director’s work was acknowledged by the Golden Brain Award.

In the past 11 years, the winners of Technology Fast 50 enjoyed industry-wide recognition and could apply for the high prestige Deloitte EMEA Technology Fast 50 competition.

Rukkola-grabpoint at Factory

15. October 2012.

In the past couple of months, Hungary's first online book exchange, Rukkola, has gained massive popularity. Real books from this online bookkeepers' community are exchanged on a virtual interface every day.
This bookkeepers' community has grown to become national in size. In order to aid the delivery of books, companies, entertainment sites and cultural institutions sympathetic towards Rukkola's cause have developed 'grabpoints'. From this day on, Factory operates as a grabpoint, where (to aid the exchange process) members of Rukkola can hand over their books for safekeeping, until the grabber arrives to retrieve them.

Factory is supporting 3D designer education

28. September 2012.
Factory Creative Studio Kft. has taken part in the preparatory stage of an EU-funded project which aims at establishing 3D designer education in cooperation with the universities of Szeged and Timisoara. The students will gain market-ready knowledge and will have the chance to learn from the best lecturers of the region.

The EU-funded project titled "New 3D education program in cooperation of the University of Szeged and the West University of Timisoara is aimed at the education and training of 3D designers at the universities of Szeged and Timisoara.

The new and innovative, ICT-based educations program is developed by the professors of both institutes. The course is aimed at providing students with market-ready knowledge, aiding them with better chances at finding jobs.

The project is executed with support from the European Union Regional Development Fund, within the frames of the Hungary-Romania Trans-border Cooperations Program.

The founding owners of Factory Crative Studio, Zsolt Fábián and his wife Ildikó Bíró (who is a teacher at the University of Szeged, Juhász Gyula Faculty for Pedagogue Education, Institute of Graphics- and Art History) have long desired for 3D-education at the University of Szeged. Ildikó Bíró is currently active as the coordinator for this project. After the one year-long program reaches its end, Factory will aim at providing all possible support for the university so that they can continue providing the course, and in a few years time have it expanded into a media design major.

Health promotion at Factory

13. September 2012.
Factory Creative Studio Kft. has just won over 9 million Forints worth of subvention on the EU-funded project identified as TÁMOP-6.1.2-11/1 for the execution of workplace health promoting programs. We have always been deeply involved with healthy lifestyle: our company has its own running team, sports events are frequent, we had our own masseur and the company owners provide financial support to those buying bicycles. The project's funding is used to organize health days and anti-smoking programs at Factory.

Factory Creative Studio has applied for an EU-funded project titled "Organization of Health Promoting Programs at Factory Creative Studio Kft." The Szeged-based agency has won 9,930,147 Forints of financial subvention. This support will be used to fund programs aimed at promoting and popularizing a healthier lifestyle for our employees. The average age of our personnel is quite low: only 29 years. Our company is involved in Information Technology, which is an industry where employees have to perform in top-notch condition every day. The environment is often stressful and therefore continuous renewal is necessary.

The Szeged-based office building of our agency has table tennis and table football opportunities, and a running machine (treadmill) as well. The company has its own running team and the management makes corporate health days and check-ups frequent. Factory is also going to start a program aimed at giving up smoking and we are to promote a healthier lifestyle even more valiantly. Our cooking studio, which has been functioning for over a year now, will also receive a full revamp. Considering that a great number of babies have been born at Factory in the past years, parents will have the possibility to take part in a course teaching first aid for children.

Funding has an intensity of 100 percent, and the timeframe for execution is: 2012. 09. 01 – 2013. 08. 31.

Szeged, Budapest: advertising is starring

10. September 2012.
The Szeged Advertising Week is held on the 12th and 13th of September. This time, the event will not be limited to Szeged – shows will also be available in Hódmezővásárhely. The event is coordinated by the Communications and Advertising Club of the Szeged Chamber of Industry and Commerce. On wednesday, bloggers along with PR and marketing experts are holding lectures in Hódmezővásárhely's Hotel Ginkgo. Their topic is "The tidbits of attracting tourists". The Budapest College of Communication is taking active part in the events of Hódmezővásárhely.

The Szeged-based day of the event is initiated on the 13th of September by the chamber and the Faculty of Economics Marketing Club. The title of the event is "From brainstorming to implementation" and it will take place in the hall of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration building. This day, students from the Marketing major of the faculty get to show their presentations. Soon afterwards, the audience can get acquainted with the everyday routine of the local economic clusters and creative community builders.

Registration for the events is available on the event's very own website, which has been produced by the ProBono program of Factory Creative Studio. Ever since its inception, our company is a proud supporter of the Advertising Week.

The Advertising Week is an event connected to the Advertising Festival of Budapest. Our agency has been invited to this professional event as well. The event will take place in the 'Aquarium', and on the third day, which is the 20th of September, Factory will be a guest of the IAB Digital Afternoon. In the block titled 'Interactive' our company is introduced under the heading "The agencies of Szeged in the World". The presentation titled "Multiscreen solutions assisting company sales", showcasing our latest developments is to be available in the 'International' block. Our Szeged-based agency, having successfully operated its internship program for over 1.5 years, is to hold a digital career conference as well.

Factory International Fishimpic Games

04. September 2012.
Some two hundred people have taken part in this year's largest client meeting, which we organize annually during the Szeged Fish Festival.
On the 'Partfürdő' or beach of Szeged, our colleagues have been cooking delicacies in three kettles, and snacks were provided by students of the Factory Creative Cooking Studio.

Just like in previous years, we have arranged the event around a central theme. This year we did not only pay homage to the Szeged fish stew, but also the magnificent sportsmen of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The 2012 Factory International Fishimpic Games started with an opening ceremony where Zsolt Fábián, Chairman of the Fishimpics Committee and Ildikó Bíró, Secretary of the Fishimpics Committee started the fishimpics flame. Following this, the audience could indulge in the amazing show performed by the Fishimpics Go-Go Girz.

Our guests received fishimpics medals and the traditional calendar, which lasts until the next Fish Festival.
We have also built the U-21 Fishimpics Child Village for the young ones.
The event lasted all day, ending with a boat trip accompanied by wine tasting on the River Tisza.

Those interested may pick up more information on the 2012 Factory International Fishimpics Games on our blog. Photos are available on our Facebook Page.


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