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Invisible strings - the best documentary of 2010

2011. February 09.
The Association of Hungarian Journalists Film and Television Critics Section awarded the Film Critics Award of 2010 to Invisible strings - the talented Pusker sisters, directed by Ages Sós. The film is the own produced documentary of HBO.

Film is about two violin artist siblings, who live in Kecskemét, Hungary. The story is about sister's love, jealousy, and the pain caused of a lost younger sister. Agi is a good violin player, but her sister, Juli plays much more better. Agi is speaking about that how the love she feels her sister can overcome her professional jealousy. There is a family secret also: Agi has a younger sister, a musical geniuous, but she died at 2. Agi insists on her older sister, Juli and also she concerned her sister: she does not want to lose her. At the same time Juli has to confront to the fact that she may thank her birth that her sister was died.

Press kits, placard and the violin shaped flyers were made by Factory.
Congratulation for the team of Invisible strings!
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