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New Ad Sales website for Sony Pictures: refreshed structure, new content

2011. December 14.
Last year, the flash microsite aimed at online advertisers has been completed for the European division of Sony Pictures Television Networks. The goal of the site is to further help advertisers collect information by introducing the SPT channels, schedules and target audiences.

There have been a number of changes during the past year: new channels have been launched and the audience size has increased therefore the structure and content of the home page had to be renewed.

The task by renewing the home page was to create a design that is dynamically expandable - by allowing simple addition of new channels – yet expresses continuity to the original version.

We designed three concepts, one of which is now visible on the Ad Sales website. This version showcases channels in an intriguing, yet straightforward way: the main site spreads to full width and channel screens are resized according to the dimensions of the browser window. This solution doesn’t only solve the problem of channel expandability, but also unifies the user experience – now every user will have a similar experience, independent of the quality and resolution of the monitor used to view the website.

Sam Moorthy
owner, coaching trainer

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