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Da Vinci Learning: On-air

01. July 2013.
On-air reel for Da Vinci Learning channel published.

New Client, New Hope

17. May 2013.
Factory welcomes AkzoNobel on board! After a year long negotiation, we are to be responsible for the online presence of it's brands, first in Hungary.
Great brands, great staff -- we must give our best to it!

Oral Care Facebook quiz for Colgate

08. April 2013.
We launched a new sweepstake application for Colgate. This application is an oral care quiz. The application is available on dm drogerie markt's Facebook page. After filling out the quiz you can participate in a prize winning game. The winners can test special Colgate products. The game is available on the dm Hungary Facebook page between the 4th of April and the 18th of April, 2013.

The drugstore chain's Facebook page allows  to organize cooperative promotions and sweepstakes with other brands. Since last year the Factory has been developing and managing these co-promotions on dm's Facebook page.

Anniversary Facebook app for Drogerie Markt

03. April 2013.
Drogerie markt asked us to develop a Facebook application for their 20th birthday.

The app got the name "20 years of dm timeline". You can follow the development and formation of the chain store with pictures and descriptions.

After reviewing the selected events you can test your memory with a questionnaire. You have 180 seconds for 20 questions. Those, who gave correct answers participate in a prize winning game.

Valentine Day Facebook app for DM

10. February 2013.
The dm drogerie markt asked us to develop a Valentines Day application for Facebook.
With the application the users were able to favor someone with  a nice personalized kindness.
They can adjust their photos to the selected template, and they can also personalise the message. Then the Valentine Day postcard appears on the wall of the recipient.

YARA - Fertilizer flash game as desktop application

04. February 2013.
The previously developed online Flash game for Yara Suomi Oy is now available as a desktop application thanks to Factory developers.

The game was created to the fertilizer producing company's self-developed simulator. The game was displayed in a cloned screen, the gamers were able to give their details through a virtual keyboard displayed in a touchscreen and all this was placed in the armrest of the simulator seat, while the game itself was displayed on wide screen. The control was lead through a Logitech wheel and pedal.

The completed game was not presented in an ordinary place: the new development was exposed in a boat - launched to arrange the Yara distribution campaigns between Finland and Sweden.

CE Glass Industries Image publication

12. November 2012.
2012 has been a significant year for CE Glass Industries. They have finally claimed their new building, one of the most modern production complexes in all of Central Europe.

We have been given the task to design a brand new image catalogue for this magnificent event; this included the development of the design concept and the execution of the printing process.

CE Glass Industries has been our client for a long time. Our company has been in charge of revitalizing the firm's identity, along with the design of their very own publication called 'Tények tükrében'.

Project opening ceremony in Balastya

12. October 2012.
The opening ceremony of the Balástya sewer construction and sewage treatment project was held at the settlement's sports center on the 6th of October. 82% of the investment's costs are funded by the European Union's Cohesion Fund. During the ceremony, the mayor of Balástya noted that this investment concerns some 500 estates. Three lifting plants will be constructed, 1300 meters of pipes will be laid down and the sewage treatment plant will be renewed.

Tibor Bartucz, the executive of the contractor PROBART Kft. requested patience from the general populace, and promised to carry out operations as discretely as possible.
The project, codenamed KEOP 1.2.0/2F/09, titled 'Expansion of the sewage system of the settlement Balástya and the modernization of the sewage treatment system' is carried out with co-financing from the Cohesion Fund. Its total costs are 962.900.099 Forints, with an EU-funding of 82%.

The beneficiary of the project is the local government of the settlement Balástya. Operations are carried out by PROBART Kft, while FIDIC Engineering tasks are carried out by the Körös-Road Mérnöki Tervező, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. Forrás Unió Kft. is responsible for project management and Factory Creative Studio Kft. provides PR and communications.

Our agency organized and carried out the opening ceremony, developed the website providing information on the investment and produced the fliers which keep the population informed on the project.

Factory had delivered Garnier's "Enjoy the Summer!" prize bicycles

10. October 2012.
L'ORÉAL Hungary had initiated its "Enjoy the Summer!" campaign in July. During the promotion, competitors were required to buy at least 1499 Ft's worth of Garnier products and submit the AP code on their receipt to the brand's website or send them in by a text message.

During the game, Neuzer Venezia 6 type bicycles – each worth 47900 Ft's – were drawn among the submitters each day. The bicycles were insured and designed by Factory, and the winners will receive them soon.

Garnier's bicycles have scored great success, not only among consumers, but Garnier's and Factory's employees as well. Several colleagues have requested branded bicycles for themselves.

Factory Creative Studio has been working with L'ORÉAL Hungary since 2011 and up to this point we have contributed to their success primarily with social media campaigns.

Mini Festival at Old Synagogue

04. October 2012.

After the Thealter Summer Festival, the MASZK Association is expecting theater-lovers with an autumn collection and mini festival. The programming for the autumn collection is available at the Maszk's homepage. Program and includes performances like 'Tóték' from István Örkény and the 'Pyramidon' of the Central European Dance Theater.

Thealter U21 plus is organized between the 10th and 14th of October in the Old Synagogue; information is available at site of MASZK Assosiation.

The festival allows novices from high schools and colleges of art, both local and those residing outside the borders, to introduce themselves.

The MASZK Association has been our client for years and Factory supports them with its ProBono program.


Paul Dinsmore

Sony Pictures Television International
"[...] – Back to Factory: What do they have that others don’t? – The unique creativity, the perfection in the latest technologies and the development routine make Factory interesting for us. Earlier Factory was charged by us with the implementation of flash based thematic sites, microsites and online ads for advertising different series, now they’re realizing our more serious plans: we’d like them to work for not only our Eastern but the whole European region. We hope, we can use their unique knowledge for a long time, later for global projects as well. [...] ("