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On paper

Our original activity. FACTORY has 11 years of experience in the design industry, specialised on packaging, corporate identity and advertising.


We deliver rich media equipped, contemporary designed interfaces, games, portals. Besides the hot and edgy screens we also focus on usability, ergonomy and user experience issues, fully search engine optimized client side and more on accessibility. We have advanced Flash designers and prgrammers to squeeze the maximum from the web.

On Air

The newest and most exciting field of design. Based on 3D animation we create station ids, breaks, ad intro/outros, main titles etc.


In this branch we are developing the core technologies for mostly web-based applications.


We noticed many times that experts and marketing professionals on the client side are too close to a product or service to find a solution for a problem. The greatest advantage of a single or multiple consultancies is the ability to find solutions from an outer point of view that would otherwise slip the attention of an insider by default.


Our studio has its own IT infrastructure for the database managements, SaaS solutions and general webhosting. We use "brand A" servers located at the largest server farm in Budapest.

The Factory Creative Studio operates its servers in the Data Center of the Interware Plc. with experienced professionals in a secure software and hardware environment. The security and availability of our clients' mail and website service is under 24 hour supervision by our system administrators.

Print Point

FACTORY provides full range of print production for its clients. We have more than 30 partners in Hungary to deliver solutions for even the most extreme print requests.


Mónika Wirth-Schreiber
Regional Marketing Manager

HBO Holding Zrt.
"HBO Central Europe has been working together with Factory Creative Studio since 2006, at present we are contractual partners in integrated communication solutions. The collaboration started within the field of PRINT, we have been (and are still) commissioning Factory with the designing and implementation of different marketing-, marketincommunication, sales-, corporate-, and PR materials. Later we extended our cooperation to webdesign and the development of various softwares. On the whole, our collaboration is smooth and fruitful, we can show up countless succesful projects. The employees of Factory are outstanding graphic artists and web developers, their creative solutions, high capacity of work, flexible attitude and quick issue management greatly facilitates our task. The two fields they should brush up a bit are complying with deadlines and paying attention to the proccess of feedbacking, thus saving time. In short, we are satisfied with their work!"