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On paper

Our original activity. FACTORY has 11 years of experience in the design industry, specialised on packaging, corporate identity and advertising.


Ad hoc or periodical publications, presenting the most important and current products. Amongst our numerous commissions of this type an outstanding one is the prospectus prepared for POLYSTYL Kft., introducing their full product-palette, and functioning as great support  both for partners and the clients stopping by.

Packaging Design

Our Studio has been designing packages for 10 years, in the first period it used to be a distinct branch of our company.
We have worked for some 30% of the Hungarian preserved food manufacturers. Following our first client, the now defunct Szegedi Konzervgyár (Szeged Canning Factory), we entered the vegetable and meat industry as well. We were mostly commissioned for foreign markets, and we also designed ownbrand packages (Winny, TESCO Gazdaságos, Profi, etc.)
We managed the entire product portfolio for Szegedi Paprika CCo. for 8 years, and in their last four years for EKO Konzervipari Ltd., Nyíregyháza.
The Studio's own food stylist and photographers helped our work with the images.
As part of our most complex commission at present, we are challenged to design images for steel and aluminium bottles for Medikémia CCo.'s two brands "Prevent" and "Kentaur"- a full image reshaping taking place in the proceeding two years.
We also perform the necessary prepress tasks, so that we can present our works ready for production.

Annual Report

Preparing the annual report of a company always means to give account as well as to give a review of the achievements of the previous year.

Therefore the appearance should also be appropriate, moderate, clear-cut and effective at the same time.

It is always an appreciation to be able to present the competency of our profession on such a request.

Corporate Identity


The most highly valued task for a graphic designer is to create or reshape all the visual aspects, the looks of a product or a company.
We have attired clients from micro-enterprises to international holdings - from independent theatres to private entrepreneurs.
Creating an image is only the first step. We consider coherence and unity most important for our customers appearing on the market - in respect of brand integrity and the image-application.

POS, Display

Point of sale promotional materials in the interests of the profit growth of our clients: Together with our senior client, Knorr-Bremse Fékrendszerek Kft. we have processed a several year-long international sales system for retailers that we are fostering with the involvement of a number of logoed promotional objects, while within the same project, also preparing display graphics that suit the image of the company. 


The designing and implementation of introductory brochures, CD graphics, covers, folders, magazines, billboard papers is part of our everyday work, yet none of them can be considered lean and average challenge, as all of our schemes are bound to serve the attention-grabbing and the popularization of a campaign. From the Best Bútor newsletter arriving to our mailbox every 6 weeks, through the Confort Design materianls appearing in Romania, up to the press materials of the Eurosummit conference organized each year, we could not say the list of our clients' request is complete.  We gladly set out to work with the press kits that include folders, CDs, DVDs and cases in the instance of all the newest series and films distributed by HBO. These are precisely those materials that come to the hands of journalists and distributors all around Central Europe.


Fabióla Kopasz
Marketing-communication manager, Eastern-Europe

Knorr-Bremse Fékrendszerek Ltd.
"What I particularly like about Factory is that they read the brief with reason and replenish it with new ideas when needed. They are able to accomodate on a high level and deal with the quickly changing priorities and strict deadlines pliantly."