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In this branch we are developing the core technologies for mostly web-based applications.

Press Room

Full featured Press Room service for content providers

Manage your press media and PR content online, upload the video and picture files as they are and the system converts them and sorts all their features automatically. You can also provide your press and PR contacts with different levels of access. Notes on updates are sent to you automatically via e-mail, so you don't need to worry about contacting your partners each time.
The system was first introduced to HBO CE.

Subscriber Reporting System


This unique system was first developed for and introduced to AXN CE. The SRS enables secure bi-directional online connection between the cable operators and the content provider. An easy and clear interface helps operators send the subscriber report to the provider's financial department. Automated tools like auto-responders, warning messages are built in, as well as an analyzation system to see traffic data. The browser integrated interface gives a direct tool for the marketing department to deliver online content, news, etc. for the operators.

Podcast and Streaming

Full featured Promo Podcasting and Flash Video Player system with server side transcoding back-end

Upload the same promo video files that are going on-air via secure FTP connection, and the system automatically generates the podcast feeds and files. At the same time the server side back-end engine generates high quality media stream for our Flash based video player which you can integrate into your website, as well. The system was first introduced to HBO CE.


Our goal was to make the management of hundreds of TV premiers computer-based, transparent and controllable.

The WarRoom is destined to help international TV companies handling several channels in several countries.

Read more at the product website.

Factory WatchDog

Solution to collect technical errors that occur within various business systems on the web, and deliver them to the correct recipient in order
to be dealt with accordingly.

Read more at the product website.


Elena Trudoljubova
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GAZ, Oroszország
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