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New tender: Diákhitel Központ

12. August 2009.
After winning on a restricted tender, Diákhitel Központ Zrt. has appointed Factory to create their new microsite.
On this new contest site users can apply with videos made by their mobile phone. Best videos will be selected based on visitors rating and on the jury's decision.
The job is quite urgent so we launch this project immediately.

Eurosummit '09

12. March 2009.
We are proud to have supported both the Eurosummit '08 and Eurosummit '09 with two dedicated websites: the Eurosummit page and the CTAME Creative Awards Program page.

The Eurosummit home page offers information, online registration for speakers and visitors and accommodation booking.

AXN online spring campaign

03. March 2009.
AXN focuses on its series this spring, so they asked our company to manage the online campaign in Central-Europe.
The headline of the campaign is: Be a series expert!
Our main task was to create a game: registered users have to answer quiz questions about the new episodes of House and CSI:NY. The ones with the most correct answers will win Sony presents of great value.
We also support the campaign with banners in four countries.

Be a series expert!

HBO True Blood microsite

11. February 2009.
Supporting the communication of the True Blood series in 9 countries, we created spectacular microsites that change their appearance as the night comes.

Live and let drink

Extending the microsites we created community pages for the visitors, where they can choose between the two bars featured in the series and get access to special community features and forums.

The acting of the live cast featured in the bars was recorded in front of a green screen and incorporated into the flash site by our developers and motion designers.

True Blood Club

Launch campaign for Nimm2

22. January 2009.
Our company was asked by Storck Hungaria Ltd. to design the campaign that supports the launch of Nimm2 candies to the market. Our task was to design the commucational tools and to work out  he game process of the purchase inspiring campaign going on in METRO stores. The program is starting soon, and we hope that it will meet our customer’s expectations.

Rappai Csavar Kft. revitalization

28. November 2005.
We have completed the new homepage of the leader gear and fixing technology product dealer of South-Hungary. After renewing offline image and creating the interactive multimedia CD with the firm’s products, we shaped up the website.

The new site presents the company‘s park sites and its products. An offer request function is attached to the online catalogue which can be used by registered users. Products of price cuts oragnized into categories can be found on a separate surface. A pdf-generative module has also been developed to download the full or the categorized tariff list.

Rappai Csavar Kft.

Micra website

03. November 2005.
We have completed the new homepage of Micra-Metripond Kft., Hódmezővásárhely, dealing with production and selling of scales and counters.

We produced the site to fit the new corporate image that was also created by our studio. The page offers an online catalogue, a gallery, news and newsletter system to the visitors,  plus a reseller and service-database is available to those who use Micra products. The entire range of products – the complete store system – is provided by a flash presentation.

The site has a separate page for the B2B partners which can be reached by signing in. Here tradesmen, services and developers can read categorized professional news, they can downoad background materials and guides. There is a separate page for the registration of new partners, as well. and

20. June 2005.
To the request of Lazi Bt. we created the website of the firm’s publisher and second hand bookshop. The friendly and simple site of the publisher includes the products that can be bought in the joint webstore with the bookshop arranged in categories.
A procuration and stock management software was developed for Könyvmoly Second Hand Bookshop, which suits the bookshop’s special needs. It handles various editions of books, pieces in different conditions, and advance bookings. The software makes for updating the website’s content, managing registered users and sending newsletters.

Könyvmoly Antikvárium
Lazi Könyvkiadó

Gép és Szerszám website

26. May 2005.
We have completed the homepage of Gép és Szerszám Kft. which deals with tool trade.
The site presents the firm’s products in an online catalogue and an offer request module is attached to the catalogue which is available to registered users.
Visitors can download automatically refreshed tariff lists in pdf format, and they can sign up for the company’s newsletter, as well.
Besides these, partners of the firm – after signing in – can find wholesale prices on the page, and can plan their orders with the help of a map so as to adapt to the transportation system throughout the country.

Production of the website was supported by the Ministry of Economy and Transport.

Gép és Szerszám weboldal

Diadalma website

29. April 2005.
We have completed the website of the South-Hungarian Macintosh distributor, Diadalma Trade. The homepage of the firm dealing with both new and second-hand computers informs the visitors with fresh news, newsletters, tariff download, and fully presents the available range of products and services.


Mikko Mäkimattila
Managing Director

Farmit Website Oy
"Thank’s for a good work – this gives us a nice lift to a new level in branding the whole Farmit concept"