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Da Vinci Learning: On-air

01. July 2013.
On-air reel for Da Vinci Learning channel published.

Video upload contest

21. May 2012.
One of the most popular TV shows of AXN Italy is “Torta di Riso”. The Italian team asked Factory to create an online interface where user generated videos can be uploaded for a competition.

Factory has integrated a Drupal module to enable the common platform to handle video upload and download processes. After logging in website and filling in a form users can upload funny home made short videos which become available for the Italian team to download from the admin interface. AXN Italy evaluates the uploaded materials and publishes the best content in the video section of the website.  Accepted file formats and size can be configured on the admin interface where the administrators can access to the video content and it’s title, description and user data.

Da Vinci Learning web and graphic rebrand

09. May 2012.
Da Vinci Learning is one of the world’s finest knowledge TV channels, bringing true education, the best entertainment and personal inspiration directly to your home. At Da Vinci Learning, they believe that everyone is curious about how things really work and longs for the opportunity to be amazed, discover and to gain knowledge. This is why they’ve facilitated their own process of learning: education without effort, simply by watching TV. Viewers are playfully encouraged to participate in finding answers to thrilling questions.

No more dull TV watching. Da Vinci Learning’s mission is to turn television into a meaningful experience, every day and for everyone.

Factory was responsible for the on air, print and online rebranding of the channel and its section for children. We have redesigned the look of the channel starting from the generic and kids logos, through the on air IDs, sound design, online presence and print materials. Online rebranding has encompassed both websites – generic and kids – which have been localized for 8 countries each. The websites were built on the latest Drupal 7 platform and they synchronize EPG and videos automatically from the client’s own asset management system.

The redesigned on air look for children’s programs includes 10 channel IDs, new ad openers and closers, navigation elements and sound design. All assets are in sync with the generic look and fit into the world of curiosity and science by telling short animated stories of scientific analogies and similarities.


01. July 2010.
In the frame of the LOST TOP5 project our development team got a new challenge.
We had to create a flash based surface on Drupal platform, where visitors can compile their own Top5 lists chosen from different subjects.

Subjects can be dragged-and-dropped into predetermined categories; then favorite elements can be added to subjects. Pictures and videos can be attached to the elements of the subjects, and users can share their lists with friends via Facebook or e-mail. This function can be used without registration.

The main purpose of the project was to join together the flash based interface and the common platform based tasks, and the so generated new module completes the elements that were originally built into the AXN sites.
The main innovation is the possibility of integrated DART (adserver) code into the header, which gives an opportunity to put ads on it.

Pages of Top5 are built on the common Drupal base, the layout is spectacular with flash based interface which makes navigation easier for  users.
The administrators can individualize the surfaces of the Top5 campaigns with personal wallpapers and topic images, and they can mark the campaigns they would like to recommend to the visitors of AXN sites. It is possible to time a campaign, and users can play with more than one campaign at the same time.

Top5 is compatible with the most popular browsers (IE 6-7, Firefox 3 and Safari), and it will be used worldwide from Europe to Asia.

New client: CompLex Publishing Ltd

08. April 2010.
The Dutch-owned CompLex Publishing Ltd. called a tender for  developping the design and the software of  their website Three companies were invited to take part, an offer should be made by them according to the following points:
- CMS system and its development
- image revitalization
- optional support
The tender was won by Factory Creative Studio, we are planning to lauch the new site in May 2010.

The speciality of site is that it has a high-secure softvware developped by CompLex Ltd.
Our task is to create a communication interface which can communicate with this software without barriers. The interface will be completed on  Zend platform, the CMS is Drupal based.

Addmitting our professional skill CompLex asked us to be their consultant in the case of their Drupal developments.

AXN SciFi Russia

22. March 2010.
SONY’s European portfolio becomes more and more unified: AXN SCI-FI channel’s webpage switched on the common platform joining AXN and Animax. We are proud that we design the new online look of every AXN SCI-FI channel. Not only the branding, but the Drupal theme was also created by us.
The Russian channel joined the network first. Our responsibility was to “migrate” the content of the current website to the new Drupal based
site. We had to move in the new environment more than 2000 show episodes, series and feature films. Moreover, Factory’s team provided new solutions and possibilities here.
Our role was more than content migrating: we managed the whole process, mediated the communication between the London office and the developers from USA.
In Russia AXN SCI-FI broadcasts the LOST series, so we set a special season page for the promotion of the 6th series of LOST, which is
launched together with the new SCI-FI site. Former site was developped four years ago by Factory Creative Studio, originaly for CE region.

Seriesjunkies on AXN Germany site

11. November 2009.
We created a blog to the German AXN. As the hungarian seriesjunkies the German fans can blog, fill up pictures, make comments on the blog of ANX Germany.


Irina Tilev
Marketing Manager, Networks Russia & CIS

Sony Pictures Europe House
"You are simply SUPER STARS!!!
They all look and work great!!!!
(Comment for Diana Lakatos about the Tudor banners)