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Anniversary Facebook app for Drogerie Markt

03. April 2013.
Drogerie markt asked us to develop a Facebook application for their 20th birthday.

The app got the name "20 years of dm timeline". You can follow the development and formation of the chain store with pictures and descriptions.

After reviewing the selected events you can test your memory with a questionnaire. You have 180 seconds for 20 questions. Those, who gave correct answers participate in a prize winning game.

Valentine Day Facebook app for DM

10. February 2013.
The dm drogerie markt asked us to develop a Valentines Day application for Facebook.
With the application the users were able to favor someone with  a nice personalized kindness.
They can adjust their photos to the selected template, and they can also personalise the message. Then the Valentine Day postcard appears on the wall of the recipient.

YARA - Fertilizer flash game as desktop application

04. February 2013.
The previously developed online Flash game for Yara Suomi Oy is now available as a desktop application thanks to Factory developers.

The game was created to the fertilizer producing company's self-developed simulator. The game was displayed in a cloned screen, the gamers were able to give their details through a virtual keyboard displayed in a touchscreen and all this was placed in the armrest of the simulator seat, while the game itself was displayed on wide screen. The control was lead through a Logitech wheel and pedal.

The completed game was not presented in an ordinary place: the new development was exposed in a boat - launched to arrange the Yara distribution campaigns between Finland and Sweden.

Multimedia DVD for Knorr-Bremse

18. January 2012.
We received a request to design a platform for introducing braking systems manufactured by Knorr-Bremse. We suggested a multi-media system, where visitors can learn about the structure of the braking systems built into vehicles and the components and roles of the sub-systems.

The 10 sub systems consist of 30 different elements and the elements are presented on a 3D truck, which includes the vehicle and also the trailer. The wires connecting the system components, electrical, pneumatic and signal cables are marked with different colors.

The DVD includes a company profile presentation, ten product presentations, five videos, and Eastern European and Russian partner-, distributor- and service lists.

The multimedia platform was made in Russian at first, and in the future we plan to make Hungarian and English versions as well as to update the product specifications.

New Ad Sales website for Sony Pictures: refreshed structure, new content

14. December 2011.
Last year, the flash microsite aimed at online advertisers has been completed for the European division of Sony Pictures Television Networks. The goal of the site is to further help advertisers collect information by introducing the SPT channels, schedules and target audiences.

There have been a number of changes during the past year: new channels have been launched and the audience size has increased therefore the structure and content of the home page had to be renewed.

The task by renewing the home page was to create a design that is dynamically expandable - by allowing simple addition of new channels – yet expresses continuity to the original version.

We designed three concepts, one of which is now visible on the Ad Sales website. This version showcases channels in an intriguing, yet straightforward way: the main site spreads to full width and channel screens are resized according to the dimensions of the browser window. This solution doesn’t only solve the problem of channel expandability, but also unifies the user experience – now every user will have a similar experience, independent of the quality and resolution of the monitor used to view the website.

Garnier Fructis Men Facebook game

28. September 2011.
We completed another successful project with L’Oréal Magyarország Kft (L’Oréal Hungary Ltd.). From the start of Garnier Hungary’s Facebook Page the most significant online social campaign in the project was the promotion page of Fructis Men products supplemented with an online game and a banner campaign. Factory Creative Studio was responsible for the creation and the realization of the creative concept.

The essence of the concept is a auto racer flash game. To be able to register for the awards, the players have to complete both parts of this game. The grand prize is a chance to drive an F3 racing car at Nürnburgring on 15 October. The game is available on Garnier Hungary’s Facebook page, made by Factory.

A text message game completes the online product promotion. Publicis Magyarország (Publicis Hungary) is responsible for the coordination. Factory cooperated with Garnier International and the headquarter of Publicis in Paris.

Nurmi 2011 - design, logo and website for Yara

01. June 2011.

On 11th August, 2011 the Finnish Yara Suomi Oy fertilizer manufacturer company organize Nurmi 2011, which is an agricultural event for Finnish dairy farmers.

The Nurmi 2011 grass fertilizing event will take place on a field, next to Ylivieska, 500 kms away from the Finnish capital, Helsinki. Besides Yara, the three main fertilizer manufacturers offer interesting programmes for more than 3.000 farmers on the occasion of Nurmi 2011.
60% of the 13,000 Finnish dairy farmers live in the central regions of the country, in the 200 kms' radius of the location.

FACTORY planned the design and logo for the event, and developed a flash website to promote Nurmi 2011. Users will find regular news, get information about the programmes, can even watch photo galleries and videos about the grass fertilizing technologies.

The embedded map provides a great helping for those who arrive from a distance. With this everyone can plan their route of travelling by car to Nurmi 2011.

To help passing time until the event comes, our Studio has developed a flash game, in which the aim is to collect the Yara fertilizer packages by a tractor and thereby fertilize as much area as possible. 

Christmas animation for HBO

03. January 2011.
We made a Christmas animation with music for HBO at the end of last year, see the link:

The animation was created entirely at Factory's 3D department. The static version, which was sent in e-mail to HBO partners, was made by DTP.

AXN Big American Game

14. October 2010.
At AXN, seasons are viewed through the lens of its series. Autumn is 
no different, with American series standing at the centre of the 
We made a quiz page in the first section of five Central European AXN 
web pages, focusing on an outdoor campaign and various online tools.
The quiz modules we created for the SPT pages have unique graphics 
reflecting the main trend of the campaign: players consider themselves 
winners as they see America out of an airplane window, visiting the 
main scenes of different series.
By answering five questions, anybody can win a five day trip to 
America - as well as numerous other prizes.


01. July 2010.
In the frame of the LOST TOP5 project our development team got a new challenge.
We had to create a flash based surface on Drupal platform, where visitors can compile their own Top5 lists chosen from different subjects.

Subjects can be dragged-and-dropped into predetermined categories; then favorite elements can be added to subjects. Pictures and videos can be attached to the elements of the subjects, and users can share their lists with friends via Facebook or e-mail. This function can be used without registration.

The main purpose of the project was to join together the flash based interface and the common platform based tasks, and the so generated new module completes the elements that were originally built into the AXN sites.
The main innovation is the possibility of integrated DART (adserver) code into the header, which gives an opportunity to put ads on it.

Pages of Top5 are built on the common Drupal base, the layout is spectacular with flash based interface which makes navigation easier for  users.
The administrators can individualize the surfaces of the Top5 campaigns with personal wallpapers and topic images, and they can mark the campaigns they would like to recommend to the visitors of AXN sites. It is possible to time a campaign, and users can play with more than one campaign at the same time.

Top5 is compatible with the most popular browsers (IE 6-7, Firefox 3 and Safari), and it will be used worldwide from Europe to Asia.



"Dear Zsolt,
A big and sincere Thank You to you and the entire team in Szeged.
At the end of the day your team and our team created two websites we can really be proud of, and which are on level with our high quality standards.
I am really happy we choose Factory to work with. You have a great team, very good spirits and a highly professional approach to doing things.
Please pass our gratitude and compliments on to you’re your.
Have a good weekend,

(To Zsolt Fábián, Managing and Creative Director of Factory, after DaVinci Learning launch)"