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Kosztolányi Theater, Subocita moved to new headquarter

28. December 2009.

László Sólyom Hungarian and Boris Tadić Serbian presidents took part together in the opening of the newly renovated Lifka House in Subotica 10th December 2009. The House gives home to Kosztolányi Dezső Theater and Lifka Art Movie. The House was given over to its funciton by László Sólyom.

By the Hungarian and Serbian presidents, welcome speeches were given  by Ildikó Lovas, Subotica community councilor, Edit László, director of Lifka Sándor Art Movie, András Urbán, director of Kosztolányi Dezső Theater. Then there was the premier of The Beach directed by András Urbán.

Factory Creative Studio is the communication partner of Kosztolányi Theater, we support their work by creating and hosting the web pages of the Theater and Desire Festival. Congratulations to the new headquarters!

You can read László Sólyom's opening speech here.

Don't Be A Loser!

18. November 2009.
Considering the great interest Diákhitel Központ extends the deadline of its  "Don't be a loser!" campaing. The deadline for nominate films is 10th of December, the announcement of results will be held on17th December.

The microsite of the campaign was developped by Factory Creative Studio.

New tender: Diákhitel Központ

12. August 2009.
After winning on a restricted tender, Diákhitel Központ Zrt. has appointed Factory to create their new microsite.
On this new contest site users can apply with videos made by their mobile phone. Best videos will be selected based on visitors rating and on the jury's decision.
The job is quite urgent so we launch this project immediately.

EpC 2009

28. April 2009.
The EPC is the yearly gathering of the European Pancreatic Club. In 2009, the meeting takes place in Szeged, Hungary.

The website of the EPC 2009 was created by our studio. Participants can register, book accommodation and send their abstracts entirely online.

The printed materials for the meeting are provided by our on paper branch.

AXN Birthday

01. October 2008.
AXN TV CE celebrated their 5 birthday this year. The channel invited their colleagues and partners to the event hosted at WAX Event Center, where A. J. Buckley from CS:NY also appeared.
AXN announced a competition for their viewers, anyone could enter by answering a simple question, the prize was an invitation for the birthday party.

Our role in the preparations for the celebration was to develop a public game-site, to model a birthday cake harmonizing with AXN's image, to create a video- and photo-gallery site for the partakers, as well as to design banners.

Eurosummit '08

20. September 2008.

Eurosummit '08 - Berlin

We were honoured to attend the Eurosummit '08 cable marketing conference in Berlin as sponsors. Thank you very much for this great opportunity!

The websites of the Eurosummit '08 and the related CTAME Creative Awards Program were developed by our studio. The sites offered registration, campaign uploading and judging entirely online. The design and the print materials were created by our on paper department.

Zsolt Fabian, managing and creative director of the Factory Creative Studio was invited to the CTAME Creative Awards Program as a judge.

Please check out the presentationst and demo reel we created for this conference!


Fit Food website

12. September 2008.
The website of the Fit Food Ltd. has been published. The website has three language variants (Hungarian, English, Russian), and can be edited through an easy-to-use administration interface.

Printed materials of the Fit Food Ltd. are provided by our on paper branch.

We are finalists at the Promax!

04. June 2008.
According to the information from our partner AXN, they are finalists in the Content Promotion - Website category of the 2008 Promax|BDA Promotion and Marketing Awards Competition with the Lost 3 Microsite - a work from the Factory Creative Studio we are truly proud of!

AXN CE has finalists in four categories - providing us with the pleasure of being able to work for such a progressive company in a very inspiring creative environment.

More info:

AXN Blog spot
LOST 3 microsite

AXN Summer Time

31. May 2008.
AXN has asked our studio to do the onair campaign and the microsite for the communication of its summer programme.

Summer comes to AXN with refreshing drinks and a nearly endless bar, where you can meet the main characters of the best series and movies. You can also find two summer games on the website: test your knowledge in law or save your girlfriend from the little blood suckers in the mosquito hunt!

AXN Summer Time

Another LOST microsite

15. April 2008.
After publishing the LOST 4 microsite in Central Europe we are back to the beginning of the story: we presented the microsite for LOST Season 1 in Russian and English.
The centre of Sony Pictures International in London has asked us by knowing our previous works to make the website for the LOST 1 series in Russia, where it will be aired for the first time on AXN Sci-Fi.
The users can get to know the series better, download screen savers and wallpapers or flee from the enemy on the island in an entirely new maze. The communication of the website is supported by a countdown banner, which shows the time left until the next episode is aired.


Our previous LOST sites:

Season 1-2 Marathon
LOST 2 game in Rumanian
Season 2-3 Marathon


Bettina Blank
Senior Product Development Manager

Sony Pictures Television International Deutschland GmbH
"I just saw the landing page for the Beast! It looks fantastic.
Very well done!!
Thanks for this great website - I am so proud!! :)"