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Da Vinci Learning: On-air

01. July 2013.
On-air reel for Da Vinci Learning channel published.

Anniversary Facebook app for Drogerie Markt

03. April 2013.
Drogerie markt asked us to develop a Facebook application for their 20th birthday.

The app got the name "20 years of dm timeline". You can follow the development and formation of the chain store with pictures and descriptions.

After reviewing the selected events you can test your memory with a questionnaire. You have 180 seconds for 20 questions. Those, who gave correct answers participate in a prize winning game.

Valentine Day Facebook app for DM

10. February 2013.
The dm drogerie markt asked us to develop a Valentines Day application for Facebook.
With the application the users were able to favor someone with  a nice personalized kindness.
They can adjust their photos to the selected template, and they can also personalise the message. Then the Valentine Day postcard appears on the wall of the recipient.

Video upload contest

21. May 2012.
One of the most popular TV shows of AXN Italy is “Torta di Riso”. The Italian team asked Factory to create an online interface where user generated videos can be uploaded for a competition.

Factory has integrated a Drupal module to enable the common platform to handle video upload and download processes. After logging in website and filling in a form users can upload funny home made short videos which become available for the Italian team to download from the admin interface. AXN Italy evaluates the uploaded materials and publishes the best content in the video section of the website.  Accepted file formats and size can be configured on the admin interface where the administrators can access to the video content and it’s title, description and user data.

Pass-port project

20. April 2012.
With the support of the European Union, Maszk Association (Szeged) and Kosztolányi Dezső Theater (Subotica) started a long-term theatrical cooperation.

As part of the Pass-port project, three productions will be born: one about the life of a Serbian, one about a Hungarian’s life and about Szeged and it’s region, and the third will be a cross-section of the two previous. The performances will be featured in the Old Synagogue’s spring and summer program and on THEALTER’s summer program. In Subotica, Kosztolányi Theater will perform the productions.

Factory Creative Studio created the Pass-port project’s website – which is available at – as part of our Pro Bono. The web-visitors can find news and other information on the bilingual website. The website’s interactive forum offers the possibility for conversations which can have an effect on the productions’ topic. After a quick registration, anyone can take part in the conversations.

Conference for the 75th anniversary of Albert Szent-Györgyi's Nobel Prize award

20. March 2012.
Nine Nobel Prize researchers are expected to attend a major conference in Szeged on the 22nd of March, 2012, Thursday for the 75th anniversary of Albert Szent-Györgyi's Nobel Prize award.

Around a thousand people – the elite of international academic community will attend the conference, which is organized by the University of Szeged.

„The fact that the invitation to the conference was accepted by nine Nobel Prize winners has invaluable importance,” András Varró, science and innovation vice-rector of University of Szeged, told the Hungarian National News Agency. During section meetings, participants from all over the world will consult over scientific results which are of importance to the Nobel Prize winners. Among the participants, an estimated 10-15 internationally renowed researchers – who can receive the Nobel Prize at any time – will be present.

Péter Hegyi, secretary of the conference, added: Hungary currently has top researchers, who, with their results, deserve the most prestigious award. The chance of success is raised by the fact that the historical event is supported by the international academic community.

The most public part of the program will be when 27 young people will present the Nobel-winning scientists. More than 600 high school students and other invited guests will be part of the Youth Forum. Following this, they can ask those questions which they are interested in most.

It's a great honor for Factory Creative Studio to have created the website of the conference. Although our primary goal has always been – for the past 11 years – to find and nurture talents, we never imaged that we would stand next to an elevating event for the academic life of Hungary and Szeged, and that our company will be known around the word for our ProBono efforts in bringing good news for the University of Szeged, the city of Szeged and Hungary.

Factory Creative Studio is a Silver-level Sponsor of the event.

New Ad Sales website for Sony Pictures: refreshed structure, new content

14. December 2011.
Last year, the flash microsite aimed at online advertisers has been completed for the European division of Sony Pictures Television Networks. The goal of the site is to further help advertisers collect information by introducing the SPT channels, schedules and target audiences.

There have been a number of changes during the past year: new channels have been launched and the audience size has increased therefore the structure and content of the home page had to be renewed.

The task by renewing the home page was to create a design that is dynamically expandable - by allowing simple addition of new channels – yet expresses continuity to the original version.

We designed three concepts, one of which is now visible on the Ad Sales website. This version showcases channels in an intriguing, yet straightforward way: the main site spreads to full width and channel screens are resized according to the dimensions of the browser window. This solution doesn’t only solve the problem of channel expandability, but also unifies the user experience – now every user will have a similar experience, independent of the quality and resolution of the monitor used to view the website.

The website of Desiré Festival has been launched

29. November 2011.
Desiré Central Station 2011 – EAST – international-regional theatrical contemporary festival has been organized for the third time by Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre, Subotica between 26th November-2nd December. The festival’s opening performance will be by Canadian Les Sages Focus – The Orphan Circus. Japanese Min TanakaBela Pinter and his Company, and Treatr Novogo Fronta will appear on the festival as well. The organizer, Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre, will also perform.

Factory Creative Studio is the communication partner of Desiré Central Station 2011 – EAST.
Our company created the three-language – Serbian, Hungarian, English – website.

Garnier Fructis Men Facebook game

28. September 2011.
We completed another successful project with L’Oréal Magyarország Kft (L’Oréal Hungary Ltd.). From the start of Garnier Hungary’s Facebook Page the most significant online social campaign in the project was the promotion page of Fructis Men products supplemented with an online game and a banner campaign. Factory Creative Studio was responsible for the creation and the realization of the creative concept.

The essence of the concept is a auto racer flash game. To be able to register for the awards, the players have to complete both parts of this game. The grand prize is a chance to drive an F3 racing car at Nürnburgring on 15 October. The game is available on Garnier Hungary’s Facebook page, made by Factory.

A text message game completes the online product promotion. Publicis Magyarország (Publicis Hungary) is responsible for the coordination. Factory cooperated with Garnier International and the headquarter of Publicis in Paris. for Sanoma

29. August 2011.
Factory won the tender of Sanoma Media Zrt. to renew the
 website in March 2011. During the 4-month project, we completed code renewal jobs and migration of the entire user and advertising databases.

We used the Yii-framework with MySQL database – as Sanoma PDO
required. During the transition, our company transformed the payment
system of the portal from credit based to immediate product payment. We also launched a new module to allow the management of commercial
partners. Cooperation is continuing since the site’s launch in August.
New functions, such as an XML transfer possibility, were implemented for the commercial partners, and we changed the attribute filter interface
on the list side as well.


Lazareva Nadezda
Marketing manager

ООО «Кнорр-Бремзе Системы для Коммерческого Транспорта»/ LLC Knorr-Bremse Systems for Commercial Vehicles, Москва/ Moscow
"„Thank you all for very interesting meeting and wonderful time and for the warm hospitality you gave me at Szeged. I want to thank you for all you have done, and I hope that in future we will achieve mutually beneficial cooperation on many issues.”

(To Zsuzsa Mező Client Services Director, Andrea Széll Account Assistant, Tamas Barta Print Production and Traffic Manager and Eva Eső Nyemcsok Head of Communication and PR, after her first visit to Factory office)