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Mini Festival at Old Synagogue

04. October 2012.

After the Thealter Summer Festival, the MASZK Association is expecting theater-lovers with an autumn collection and mini festival. The programming for the autumn collection is available at the Maszk's homepage. Program and includes performances like 'Tóték' from István Örkény and the 'Pyramidon' of the Central European Dance Theater.

Thealter U21 plus is organized between the 10th and 14th of October in the Old Synagogue; information is available at site of MASZK Assosiation.

The festival allows novices from high schools and colleges of art, both local and those residing outside the borders, to introduce themselves.

The MASZK Association has been our client for years and Factory supports them with its ProBono program.

MASZK Fall collection 2010

01. September 2010.
MASZK's Fall program starts 2nd September. For the details check the
website tof MASZK.

The homepage and the print materials were created by Factory Creative Studio.

AXN goes to the Baltic region

03. June 2010.
We got a commission from AXN to make an eight-pages brochure for introducing AXN to the Baltic region. The brochure is about marketing support, audience and the last 4 pages is about the programs on AXN channel. The brochure is published among the local cable-operators.

Our graphic designers planned a "Z" folded material, and we have completed the Russian-language version as well.

Real Hungary

15. November 2009.
At the end of 2008 Real Hungary commissioned us with the revitalization of their website and to refreshing of their print materials. Real Hungary chose us because they sought to employ new technologies and follow the most recent trends of the online market. During our 1-year-long co-operation we developed the new website of the company which showed a significant increase in attendance due to the deliberate and and well optimized development.

The company’s online success was followed by the print materials. With the unification of their communication tools we could enhance the sales achievements of Real Hungary, a prominent local corporation of realty industry.

Safe Start - new materials

03. November 2009.
It's always a good feeling to work for projects which aim is to help  needy.  Such work is the "Biztos Kezdet" project which is handled by  Institute for Social Policy and Labour and supported by the European Union.
Factory  is responsible for planning and completing the communication and CI works for the project.

We have completed several works since October 2008, here you can see the works from the second half of the year 2009.

EpC 2009

28. April 2009.
The EPC is the yearly gathering of the European Pancreatic Club. In 2009, the meeting takes place in Szeged, Hungary.

The website of the EPC 2009 was created by our studio. Participants can register, book accommodation and send their abstracts entirely online.

The printed materials for the meeting are provided by our on paper branch.

Micra website

03. November 2005.
We have completed the new homepage of Micra-Metripond Kft., Hódmezővásárhely, dealing with production and selling of scales and counters.

We produced the site to fit the new corporate image that was also created by our studio. The page offers an online catalogue, a gallery, news and newsletter system to the visitors,  plus a reseller and service-database is available to those who use Micra products. The entire range of products – the complete store system – is provided by a flash presentation.

The site has a separate page for the B2B partners which can be reached by signing in. Here tradesmen, services and developers can read categorized professional news, they can downoad background materials and guides. There is a separate page for the registration of new partners, as well.


Irina Tilev
Marketing Manager, Networks Russia & CIS

Sony Pictures Television International
""Thank you for the diligent work on this project- much appreciated!"
(Comment for Diana Lakatos about the Tudor project)"