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Factory had delivered Garnier's "Enjoy the Summer!" prize bicycles

10. October 2012.
L'ORÉAL Hungary had initiated its "Enjoy the Summer!" campaign in July. During the promotion, competitors were required to buy at least 1499 Ft's worth of Garnier products and submit the AP code on their receipt to the brand's website or send them in by a text message.

During the game, Neuzer Venezia 6 type bicycles – each worth 47900 Ft's – were drawn among the submitters each day. The bicycles were insured and designed by Factory, and the winners will receive them soon.

Garnier's bicycles have scored great success, not only among consumers, but Garnier's and Factory's employees as well. Several colleagues have requested branded bicycles for themselves.

Factory Creative Studio has been working with L'ORÉAL Hungary since 2011 and up to this point we have contributed to their success primarily with social media campaigns.

Launch campaign for Nimm2

22. January 2009.
Our company was asked by Storck Hungaria Ltd. to design the campaign that supports the launch of Nimm2 candies to the market. Our task was to design the commucational tools and to work out  he game process of the purchase inspiring campaign going on in METRO stores. The program is starting soon, and we hope that it will meet our customer’s expectations.

Eurosummit '08

20. September 2008.

Eurosummit '08 - Berlin

We were honoured to attend the Eurosummit '08 cable marketing conference in Berlin as sponsors. Thank you very much for this great opportunity!

The websites of the Eurosummit '08 and the related CTAME Creative Awards Program were developed by our studio. The sites offered registration, campaign uploading and judging entirely online. The design and the print materials were created by our on paper department.

Zsolt Fabian, managing and creative director of the Factory Creative Studio was invited to the CTAME Creative Awards Program as a judge.

Please check out the presentationst and demo reel we created for this conference!


Best Bútor image

18. May 2007.
Polstyl Ltd. the owner of Best Bútor network –that operates 10 stores- called us upon to create the image-change and the total communication plan of the network.

A target-group analysis was done before making the campaign-plan. The logo, the first element of the new image is completed, now we’re working on the catalogue.

During June we design the company’s new website which will be increased with a webshop and we also create the other image elements of the half-year-long campaign launching in July.

Maros Fitt Park

11. November 2006.
We manage all the communication tasks for the latest exclusive fitness centres of Szeged. As a part of the project, we are working on Maros Fitt Park homepage which presents the new institution and it also provides club members with a number of diverse online services.


Mónika Wirth-Schreiber
Regional Marketing Manager

HBO Holding Zrt.
"HBO Central Europe has been working together with Factory Creative Studio since 2006, at present we are contractual partners in integrated communication solutions. The collaboration started within the field of PRINT, we have been (and are still) commissioning Factory with the designing and implementation of different marketing-, marketincommunication, sales-, corporate-, and PR materials. Later we extended our cooperation to webdesign and the development of various softwares. On the whole, our collaboration is smooth and fruitful, we can show up countless succesful projects. The employees of Factory are outstanding graphic artists and web developers, their creative solutions, high capacity of work, flexible attitude and quick issue management greatly facilitates our task. The two fields they should brush up a bit are complying with deadlines and paying attention to the proccess of feedbacking, thus saving time. In short, we are satisfied with their work!"