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Da Vinci Learning: On-air

01. July 2013.
On-air reel for Da Vinci Learning channel published.

Da Vinci Learning web and graphic rebrand

09. May 2012.
Da Vinci Learning is one of the world’s finest knowledge TV channels, bringing true education, the best entertainment and personal inspiration directly to your home. At Da Vinci Learning, they believe that everyone is curious about how things really work and longs for the opportunity to be amazed, discover and to gain knowledge. This is why they’ve facilitated their own process of learning: education without effort, simply by watching TV. Viewers are playfully encouraged to participate in finding answers to thrilling questions.

No more dull TV watching. Da Vinci Learning’s mission is to turn television into a meaningful experience, every day and for everyone.

Factory was responsible for the on air, print and online rebranding of the channel and its section for children. We have redesigned the look of the channel starting from the generic and kids logos, through the on air IDs, sound design, online presence and print materials. Online rebranding has encompassed both websites – generic and kids – which have been localized for 8 countries each. The websites were built on the latest Drupal 7 platform and they synchronize EPG and videos automatically from the client’s own asset management system.

The redesigned on air look for children’s programs includes 10 channel IDs, new ad openers and closers, navigation elements and sound design. All assets are in sync with the generic look and fit into the world of curiosity and science by telling short animated stories of scientific analogies and similarities.

Fall promo for AXN

27. October 2011.
Our Budapest onair team created the fall promo spot already running on AXN. The spot musters this fall's highlighted shows, based on the theme of the seven deadly sins.
The concept originates from AXN, the visual design and implementation is done by our onair team.

Special thanks from the AXN team to Péter Mihola producer and György Szentgáli sound designer.

You can check the video here.

Factory makes the branding of Da Vinci Learning

05. July 2011.
Ferdinand Habsburg, the owner and managing director of Da Vinci Learning Channel, visited Factory Creative Studio's Szeged premises on Monday to sign a contract involving the channel’s on-air, off-air and online creative image-development - which includes the design of it’s entire online media appearance.

Ferdinand Habsburg spokes about branding of Da Vinci Learning at Factory office

The Da Vinci Learning education and informative channel is available in 15 countries – mostly in Central Europe. It’s possible to subscribe for the channel in Hungary at all the bigger cable-television service company.

Hard work at Factory

Factory won the commission of the international tender. Ferdinand Habsburg said that our company has creativity and technical knowledge in one place - coupled with experience in online video content visualization.

Stand up at the Factory office - meeting and speaking about daily tasks. Next to Ferdinand Habsburgnak stands Zsolt Fábián managing and creative director

Factory received it’s biggest and most exciting mission by signing this contract. Hopefully our position in the broadcast field can be strengthened with this project: this is our third project that includes the branding of a TV channel and the related works.

Bunny Nach 8 - second part

13. October 2010.
AXN Germany's idea was to make programmes beginning after 8 P.M. more  
interesting for male viewers. By hosting its programmes and reviewing
films, AXN helps viewers choose among their programmes. AXN Germany
decided that the playmate of the month will host these programmes.
Factory was given a very comprehensive task and significant challenge:
we prepared the studio desing, the logo, opener and closer animations,
and we also planned nameplates for playmates. Factory's on-air staff
made the light-curtain, and we also made the background for the part
where the bunny comes into the studio, leaving visible only the fans'

We prepared three separate proposals: one with a conservative and
limited style, another with a candy theme, and the last one - which
was finally accepted by AXN - included very elegant solutions.

We finished the first part of the project. In the second part we will
place werkfilms, which were made during shooting, on the website This work has already begun. We will also create
a calendar site that contains the main films of the month.

The customer's expectation was that we use Bunny Nach 8 branding,
while at the same time indicating that the programme hosts are backed
by Playboy magazine - which is very popular among men.

The customer's expectation was that we use Bunny Nach 8 branding,  
while at the same time indicating that the programme hosts are backed  
by Playboy magazine - which is very popular among men.

Bunny nach 8

27. August 2010.
AXN Germany’s prime-time programme will be hosted by Playboy Playmates. Sony Germany asked us to create the branding and digital assets for the show, and we gladly jumped into it. Our on-paper and on-air teams created the logo, the studio design, the opener, closer, breaker, nameplate and music for the programme.

By working closely with the production company, we made sure that everything fits together by the time the Bunny walks into the limelight.

As our task was to create a brand for a not yet existing programme, in the beginning we suggested 3 concepts to help Sony Germany decide what they want the show to be like: news style, playful style or elegant style. In each one, we presented different concepts for the logo, opener and the studio, to narrow the possible routes a bit. Finally, the look and feel (and glamour) of the elegant concept suited the plans the best, so it was chosen.

Although the production of the „elegant studio“ was to be pretty simple and minimalistic in terms of design, we wanted to come up with something interesting, so we invented a virtual lighting installation, and we named it „The Light Curtain“.

This unique design element works like an LCD screen, but instead of pixels, the curtain is made of tiny, floating/rotating discs with light-reflecting material. The pattern which controls the rotations is programmable, so almost any form and animation can be achieved. We recommended and chose to use a slow-moving, silky pattern to counteract the solid, weighty elements of the studio space, thus creating the visual balance needed for elegance.

The „elegant opener“ concept featured dozens of photographers and fans, celebrating and taking photos of the Bunny as she heads towards the studio through the backstage corridor. What was cool about this, is that we went out shooting actors - and of course ourselves in FullHD in order to achieve the best possible quality.

And we didn't regret doing it: post-production and placing the characters to the 3d environment went smoothly. The opener was ready to use after the design of the elevator, the corridor - and motion design of the flashes, ending in the full screen logo of the show.

The designs of other visual elements – the nametable, the breaker and the closer – were based on the visual rule system created for the studio and opener.

Mospilan ad

02. June 2010.
SUMI AGRO Hungary Kft. is the member of SUMI AGRO Group which works effectively on the pesticide market of 10 European countries.
To advertise their new product Mospilan, our Online dept. has completed a 25 sec animation. The copy and the music of the animation were written and created in-house.

The spot is on the air on Duna TV, Hungary.

Salesman Training Presentation DVD

26. May 2010.
Yara Suomi - one of our key clients from the Scandinavian basin - has asked us to prepare a presentation dvd material for their salesman training sessions.
Yara Suomi is a leading crop nutrition and fertilizer product company with international interest. A true challenge for our 3D/motion graphics department was to create a dvd presentation with a short 12 sec looped animation for the session warm-up, and a longer 30 sec lead-in presentation spot emphasizing Yara's competence in Crop nutrition knowledge and Carbon footprint CO2 guarantee, as well as their portfolio combinations.
Both presentation parts has been enhanced by our sound designer's catchy music. You can watch the result here.

New Image for Szeged City Television

08. April 2010.
Szegedi Városi Televízió Kft. asked the Onair dept. of  Factory Creative Studio Onair to revitalize its image.  We had two month to complete the task.
The new image was said to be simple, and to have at least one hint to Szeged. Our 3D designers' idea, the blue ribbon was the solution for these demands.

The new image was launched on 22th March 2010.

AXN Crime cross channel promo spot

07. January 2010.
We created a cross channel promo spot to AXN Crime Channel similar  to  ANX Poland. This spot takes place on the street, the alley.
The aim of the spot is to promote the programmes of AXN Main, AXN Sci-fi and AXN Crime.

From our different ideas the client chose the one which shows an average American street. In the shop-windows you can see the titles of the programmes.
The music for the spot was created by our own sound designer, and  our porgrammer s made a special After Effects script which reads the dates and programs from an Excel file than fits the copy into the right place.


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