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Mini Festival at Old Synagogue

04. October 2012.

After the Thealter Summer Festival, the MASZK Association is expecting theater-lovers with an autumn collection and mini festival. The programming for the autumn collection is available at the Maszk's homepage. Program and includes performances like 'Tóték' from István Örkény and the 'Pyramidon' of the Central European Dance Theater.

Thealter U21 plus is organized between the 10th and 14th of October in the Old Synagogue; information is available at site of MASZK Assosiation.

The festival allows novices from high schools and colleges of art, both local and those residing outside the borders, to introduce themselves.

The MASZK Association has been our client for years and Factory supports them with its ProBono program.

Broken Dreams in Palace of Arts

23. May 2012.
"Broken dreams", a production of the Szeged Contemporary Ballet association will be on show on May 25 at the Palace of Arts in Budapest. The show is based on the songs of the legendary band Syrius, which will be played by the Hungarian Frank Zappa Tribute Band during the performance. Factory has been providing support for this new performance of the Contemporary Ballet association from its very first steps: we have been designing and producing a sales kit and a referential multimedia DVD.

The website of the performance is available at and further information can be found at the website of the Palace of Arts.

Photo exhibition supported by Factory

24. February 2012.
As part of its ProBono efforts, Factory supports civil organizations and artistic festivals every year. We have recently helped the photo exhibition of Richard Széman - which has just begun a country-wide tour. The photos were taken during the Week of the Winged Dragon (Szárnyas Sárkány Hete) Festival in Nyírbátor. The festival is organized on a yearly basis by our partner, Winged Dragon Cultural Enterprise (Szárnyas Sárkány Kulturális Vállalkozás), and the exhibition is by Ördögszekér Markets and Festivals (Ördögszekér Vásárok és Fesztiválok). The opening of the exhibition is in Pécs on February 24th. The event's official poster was designed by our graphic designer intern, Anna Pukánszky. The photos will be on display in Szeged during the University Spring Festival (Egyetemi Tavaszi Fesztivál).

Broken dreams

13. January 2012.
The Szeged Contemporary Dance Company is getting ready for their brand new performance entitled „Broken dreams„”. The show is based on the legendary  „Syrius” group's music, played live by the Hungarian Frank Zappa Tribute Band. The unique visual effects ensured by Aximmetry Studio will certainly make it an unforgettable event.

Factory is supporting the Dance Company from the very first steps by the design and production of the sales kit and the reference multimedia DVD.

To find out more about the show visit:

Spartacus presskit

17. February 2011.
We have made the presskit of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena onto HBO Central Europe order by keyart and brandbook. HBO CE will send it further to its countries, where our plans will be localized.

Press kit contains seven pieces: DVD disk, DVD case, CD disk, CD case, DVD insert, DVD menu, notebook.

Invisible strings - the best documentary of 2010

09. February 2011.
The Association of Hungarian Journalists Film and Television Critics Section awarded the Film Critics Award of 2010 to Invisible strings - the talented Pusker sisters, directed by Ages Sós. The film is the own produced documentary of HBO.

Film is about two violin artist siblings, who live in Kecskemét, Hungary. The story is about sister's love, jealousy, and the pain caused of a lost younger sister. Agi is a good violin player, but her sister, Juli plays much more better. Agi is speaking about that how the love she feels her sister can overcome her professional jealousy. There is a family secret also: Agi has a younger sister, a musical geniuous, but she died at 2. Agi insists on her older sister, Juli and also she concerned her sister: she does not want to lose her. At the same time Juli has to confront to the fact that she may thank her birth that her sister was died.

Press kits, placard and the violin shaped flyers were made by Factory.
Congratulation for the team of Invisible strings!

Christmas animation for HBO

03. January 2011.
We made a Christmas animation with music for HBO at the end of last year, see the link:

The animation was created entirely at Factory's 3D department. The static version, which was sent in e-mail to HBO partners, was made by DTP.

Szilánk - Mirror of Facts

15. December 2010.
One of Factory's most important projects this year is the  revitalization of Szilánk Zrt's profile, including the completion of  the Mirror of Facts publication.
The demanding brochure highlights the story and the Szilánk's activity  - which deals with glass processing - in Hungarian, English and  Russian languages. The brochure received a large emphasis on our  colleague's, Szabolcs Husz's, photos.

MASZK Fall collection 2010

01. September 2010.
MASZK's Fall program starts 2nd September. For the details check the
website tof MASZK.

The homepage and the print materials were created by Factory Creative Studio.

Thealter 2010

07. July 2010.
THEALTER international theatre festival is going to be held from 16th July to 25th July 2010. This is the 20th festival and it's focusing on the  work of   Ottó Tolnai poet-writer from Vajdaság. His poem A kisinyovi rózsa was designed and published as a book by Factory.

The homepage of the Festival was completed by Factory Creative Studio. Click for detailed programmes.


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