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Da Vinci Learning: On-air

01. July 2013.
On-air reel for Da Vinci Learning channel published.

Anniversary Facebook app for Drogerie Markt

03. April 2013.
Drogerie markt asked us to develop a Facebook application for their 20th birthday.

The app got the name "20 years of dm timeline". You can follow the development and formation of the chain store with pictures and descriptions.

After reviewing the selected events you can test your memory with a questionnaire. You have 180 seconds for 20 questions. Those, who gave correct answers participate in a prize winning game.

Valentine Day Facebook app for DM

10. February 2013.
The dm drogerie markt asked us to develop a Valentines Day application for Facebook.
With the application the users were able to favor someone with  a nice personalized kindness.
They can adjust their photos to the selected template, and they can also personalise the message. Then the Valentine Day postcard appears on the wall of the recipient.

YARA - Fertilizer flash game as desktop application

04. February 2013.
The previously developed online Flash game for Yara Suomi Oy is now available as a desktop application thanks to Factory developers.

The game was created to the fertilizer producing company's self-developed simulator. The game was displayed in a cloned screen, the gamers were able to give their details through a virtual keyboard displayed in a touchscreen and all this was placed in the armrest of the simulator seat, while the game itself was displayed on wide screen. The control was lead through a Logitech wheel and pedal.

The completed game was not presented in an ordinary place: the new development was exposed in a boat - launched to arrange the Yara distribution campaigns between Finland and Sweden.

The website for the Balástya Sewage Project is finished

27. September 2012.
In August, Factory Creative Studio has won the communications tasks corresponding to the Balástya Sewage Project on a public tender. The website of the investment has been completed in the frame of this project.

The goal of the website is to continuously inform the public of the project's process. General information is available at the website located at, along with introductions from various organisations. Useful links and reviews are available from different events as well. General information about the EU is available under the menu points of the 'KEOP-kisokos' (KEOP Handbook). A press room has also been developed where fliers, press releases, notices and photos are available to our colleagues.

In accordance with the equality norms of the European Union, the website is also available in high accessibility mode.

Factory has won dm drogerie markt’s Facebook tender

05. July 2012.
The right to manage dm drogerie markt’s Facebook page was won by Szeged-based Factory Creative Studio Kft. Initially, dm drogerie markt had invited 10 agencies to the two-rounds tender, but only three agencies made it to the second turn. Commission begins in July 2012 and ends in September 2013.

Factory Creative Studio has won the right to manage dm drogerie markt’s Facebook page. Initially, dm drogerie markt had invited 10 agencies to the two-rounds tender, but by the second round, there were only 3 companies still in competition.

Agencies had to introduce a detailed campaign plan aimed at the development and execution of dm drogerie markt’s Facebook strategy. Special attention had to be paid to the Facebook applications defined in the briefing, which had to be designed and introduced.

The campaign itself had to fit the overall dm feel communicated by the “Here am I myself, so here do I shop” insight. One of the goals was to further increase the strength of this message, and Factory’s campaign plan fit this requirement perfectly.

The Szeged-based creative agency and software development company, now the winner of the tender is tasked with developing the entire annual Facebook strategy while planning and developing the necessary applications.

The agency from Szeged has received various assignments for the creation and management of Facebook pages and campaigns. Garnier Hungary’s Facebook page and the management of the Garnier Fructis Men Facebook game and the Garnier BB Campaign are some examples. Other corresponding work include the development and management of the Facebook page for the EU-funded Energy Vampire campaign.

Team of dm drogeria markt at Factory: Roland Kanyó sortiment and PR manager with Gabriella Mikóczi and Alexandra Hosszu PR assistants

On June 28, dm’s PR team travelled to Szeged to visit Factory at its office and conduct a project meeting.

András Heszegi Senior Interactive Developer speaks about Facebook

Having met Factory’s team, the managers from dm have taken part in a meeting where specific details for the first three months’ cooperation have been laid down. The group had even visited a local dm store, and as an epilogue they had the traditional fish stew dinner.


Commission begins in July 2012 and ends in September 2013.

Facebook application development for Garnier's BB-campaign

29. May 2012.
Garnier Hungary launched a new product on the Hungarian market: the brand new BB (Beauty Balm) Cream. Factory Creative Studio was commissioned to create a stylish BB look on the Garnier Facebook page by designing a Facebook profile picture and opening page in line with the BB campaign look.

Beside the stylish look, Garnier Hungary's aim was to create a buzz around the new product and the campaign. We were also commissioned to accomplish that by designing and building a Product Testing Application. Thanks to the application, users can register their details and enter a lottery to win the BB Cream and to be the first ones to test out the brand new product. Users can not only register but also read and write opinions about the product.

The news spread quickly on the web, as Facebook wall posts appeared on a user’s wall each time a user registered or evaluated the product. The campaign produced glowing results: 4000 user registrations and likes only during the first week of the campaign!


25. May 2012.
THEALTER is the only annual international theatrical festival in Hungary. Organized by the MASZK Society, it is to take place from the 23rd of July and last until the 29th. The festival is currently undergoing renewal in both design and content.

The festival is to be realized in the association of MASZK and the Independent Performing and Arts Council (FESZ), with special guest Béla Pintér and his association.  Available shows will include a selection of five of the FESZ members’ latest performances. For the first time, FESZ members will also be given the chance to take part in a competition. The task is to make plans for a performace at one of the following famous landmarks of Szeged: a 101-year old building, a boathouse, a fountain and the Auditorium Maximum in the building of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Szeged.

The festival program will also include a street theater and a workshop. The festival’s free daily magazine called Ex-stasis will be published and the THEALTER Radio with the THEALTER Blog will also be launched during the festival’s time frame. The renewed festival will also be present at the Csillag Prison’s Pista Dankó Festival with a special performace.

Factory created the festival’s bulletin and website. As original developers of the MASZK Society’s website, we have been in charge of managing it for several years now. We are proud to be long-term supporters of the festival-organizing society in part of our ProBono Program.

Video upload contest

21. May 2012.
One of the most popular TV shows of AXN Italy is “Torta di Riso”. The Italian team asked Factory to create an online interface where user generated videos can be uploaded for a competition.

Factory has integrated a Drupal module to enable the common platform to handle video upload and download processes. After logging in website and filling in a form users can upload funny home made short videos which become available for the Italian team to download from the admin interface. AXN Italy evaluates the uploaded materials and publishes the best content in the video section of the website.  Accepted file formats and size can be configured on the admin interface where the administrators can access to the video content and it’s title, description and user data.

Da Vinci Learning web and graphic rebrand

09. May 2012.
Da Vinci Learning is one of the world’s finest knowledge TV channels, bringing true education, the best entertainment and personal inspiration directly to your home. At Da Vinci Learning, they believe that everyone is curious about how things really work and longs for the opportunity to be amazed, discover and to gain knowledge. This is why they’ve facilitated their own process of learning: education without effort, simply by watching TV. Viewers are playfully encouraged to participate in finding answers to thrilling questions.

No more dull TV watching. Da Vinci Learning’s mission is to turn television into a meaningful experience, every day and for everyone.

Factory was responsible for the on air, print and online rebranding of the channel and its section for children. We have redesigned the look of the channel starting from the generic and kids logos, through the on air IDs, sound design, online presence and print materials. Online rebranding has encompassed both websites – generic and kids – which have been localized for 8 countries each. The websites were built on the latest Drupal 7 platform and they synchronize EPG and videos automatically from the client’s own asset management system.

The redesigned on air look for children’s programs includes 10 channel IDs, new ad openers and closers, navigation elements and sound design. All assets are in sync with the generic look and fit into the world of curiosity and science by telling short animated stories of scientific analogies and similarities.


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