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Anniversary Facebook app for Drogerie Markt

03. April 2013.
Drogerie markt asked us to develop a Facebook application for their 20th birthday.

The app got the name "20 years of dm timeline". You can follow the development and formation of the chain store with pictures and descriptions.

After reviewing the selected events you can test your memory with a questionnaire. You have 180 seconds for 20 questions. Those, who gave correct answers participate in a prize winning game.

Valentine Day Facebook app for DM

10. February 2013.
The dm drogerie markt asked us to develop a Valentines Day application for Facebook.
With the application the users were able to favor someone with  a nice personalized kindness.
They can adjust their photos to the selected template, and they can also personalise the message. Then the Valentine Day postcard appears on the wall of the recipient.

Factory has won dm drogerie markt’s Facebook tender

05. July 2012.
The right to manage dm drogerie markt’s Facebook page was won by Szeged-based Factory Creative Studio Kft. Initially, dm drogerie markt had invited 10 agencies to the two-rounds tender, but only three agencies made it to the second turn. Commission begins in July 2012 and ends in September 2013.

Factory Creative Studio has won the right to manage dm drogerie markt’s Facebook page. Initially, dm drogerie markt had invited 10 agencies to the two-rounds tender, but by the second round, there were only 3 companies still in competition.

Agencies had to introduce a detailed campaign plan aimed at the development and execution of dm drogerie markt’s Facebook strategy. Special attention had to be paid to the Facebook applications defined in the briefing, which had to be designed and introduced.

The campaign itself had to fit the overall dm feel communicated by the “Here am I myself, so here do I shop” insight. One of the goals was to further increase the strength of this message, and Factory’s campaign plan fit this requirement perfectly.

The Szeged-based creative agency and software development company, now the winner of the tender is tasked with developing the entire annual Facebook strategy while planning and developing the necessary applications.

The agency from Szeged has received various assignments for the creation and management of Facebook pages and campaigns. Garnier Hungary’s Facebook page and the management of the Garnier Fructis Men Facebook game and the Garnier BB Campaign are some examples. Other corresponding work include the development and management of the Facebook page for the EU-funded Energy Vampire campaign.

Team of dm drogeria markt at Factory: Roland Kanyó sortiment and PR manager with Gabriella Mikóczi and Alexandra Hosszu PR assistants

On June 28, dm’s PR team travelled to Szeged to visit Factory at its office and conduct a project meeting.

András Heszegi Senior Interactive Developer speaks about Facebook

Having met Factory’s team, the managers from dm have taken part in a meeting where specific details for the first three months’ cooperation have been laid down. The group had even visited a local dm store, and as an epilogue they had the traditional fish stew dinner.


Commission begins in July 2012 and ends in September 2013.

Facebook application development for Garnier's BB-campaign

29. May 2012.
Garnier Hungary launched a new product on the Hungarian market: the brand new BB (Beauty Balm) Cream. Factory Creative Studio was commissioned to create a stylish BB look on the Garnier Facebook page by designing a Facebook profile picture and opening page in line with the BB campaign look.

Beside the stylish look, Garnier Hungary's aim was to create a buzz around the new product and the campaign. We were also commissioned to accomplish that by designing and building a Product Testing Application. Thanks to the application, users can register their details and enter a lottery to win the BB Cream and to be the first ones to test out the brand new product. Users can not only register but also read and write opinions about the product.

The news spread quickly on the web, as Facebook wall posts appeared on a user’s wall each time a user registered or evaluated the product. The campaign produced glowing results: 4000 user registrations and likes only during the first week of the campaign!

Garnier Fructis Men Facebook game

28. September 2011.
We completed another successful project with L’Oréal Magyarország Kft (L’Oréal Hungary Ltd.). From the start of Garnier Hungary’s Facebook Page the most significant online social campaign in the project was the promotion page of Fructis Men products supplemented with an online game and a banner campaign. Factory Creative Studio was responsible for the creation and the realization of the creative concept.

The essence of the concept is a auto racer flash game. To be able to register for the awards, the players have to complete both parts of this game. The grand prize is a chance to drive an F3 racing car at Nürnburgring on 15 October. The game is available on Garnier Hungary’s Facebook page, made by Factory.

A text message game completes the online product promotion. Publicis Magyarország (Publicis Hungary) is responsible for the coordination. Factory cooperated with Garnier International and the headquarter of Publicis in Paris.

Garnier on Facebook

30. June 2011.
The Facebook Page of Garnier Hungary was launched at the end of June. Factory was contracted to create cheerful and summerly layouts related to the company’s brand guidelines.

The target was to introduce Garnier’s social activity, putting into focus happenings and events which Garnier takes part in. We are happy to see that the page already has 1600 followers – just one week after launch. We created the skin for Garnier Hungary’s Youtube channel as well - in line with the Facebook Page.

The related online campaign was a two-way campaign due to the launch of the Facebook Page and the promotion of the Garnier Invisi Minderal deodorant happened at the same time. That means that two different types of creative works were made: one to encourage people to join Garnier’s community and one to promote a new product.

3D microsite

10. May 2011.

The German AXN HD launched their two new tv-shows on the beginning of May -  AXN 3D Uncut and Animax 3D Play'd are made by the latest 3D technology, thus 3D glasses are required to enjoy fully.

The two shows are made specifically for the fans of the 3D world.
AXN 3D Uncut gives sneak peaks for the 3D movie lovers with interviews and movie-trailers. Animax 3D Play'd aims at the 3D fanatic geeks by presenting the latest games, trends and events.

For the shows' promotion Factory completed a sweepstake microsite where the viewers can read all important information related to the new 3D service and see the shows' 3D trailer, they can even win a Sony Vaio laptop.

We supported the campaign with a flash teaser as well.

Put your 3D glasses on!

AXN on mobile

19. October 2010.

Although we have known for a long time, it's now been announced to the public that Hungarian and Polish users can reach AXN content from mobile phones thanks to cooperation between AXN and Sony Ericsson.
We can watch full feature films and series and read AXN news and blogs on featured X8 and X10 phones with a universally installed application.
During the developement of the application, our task was to link 
content with the application and ensure that videos, blogs, news and TV programmes reach the phones in a convenient manner.
For the occasion of the festive announcement, we prepared an unique show presenting the application, which is supported by the channel with an own on-air campaign.

Resident Evil Game on AXN Channels

17. August 2010.
As the part of the global collaboration of  Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures we have completed a quiz microsite promotes the new part of  Resident Evil, starring Milla Jovovich.

After watching the trailer visitors can answer the question about  how they would prepare for an impending zombie apocalypse. Their motivation can be shared on Twitter or Facebook.
Salt quiz can be reached in Asian and Latin-American countries. The lucky winner will get a trip to  Tokio.


21. July 2010.
As the part of the global collaboration of  Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures we have completed a quiz microsite promotes  Salt, the new film starring Angelina Jolie.

After watching the trailer visitors can answer the question about why to choose them as the best double agent in the world. Their motivation can be shared on Twitter or Facebook.

Salt quiz can be reached on more than 30 sites and in 13 languages all over the world. The lucky winner will get a trip to New York.


Irina Tilev
Marketing Manager, Networks Russia & CIS

Sony Pictures Europe House
"Bea - my compliments - this is a fantastic looking 1st draft, one of the best I've ever seen! I would like to share it with Mara and Tom tomorrow and get back to you with our joint feedback.

(Comment for Beatrix Bolla about the drafts of AXN Baltic brochure design)"