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Factory has won dm drogerie markt’s Facebook tender

05. July 2012.
The right to manage dm drogerie markt’s Facebook page was won by Szeged-based Factory Creative Studio Kft. Initially, dm drogerie markt had invited 10 agencies to the two-rounds tender, but only three agencies made it to the second turn. Commission begins in July 2012 and ends in September 2013.

Factory Creative Studio has won the right to manage dm drogerie markt’s Facebook page. Initially, dm drogerie markt had invited 10 agencies to the two-rounds tender, but by the second round, there were only 3 companies still in competition.

Agencies had to introduce a detailed campaign plan aimed at the development and execution of dm drogerie markt’s Facebook strategy. Special attention had to be paid to the Facebook applications defined in the briefing, which had to be designed and introduced.

The campaign itself had to fit the overall dm feel communicated by the “Here am I myself, so here do I shop” insight. One of the goals was to further increase the strength of this message, and Factory’s campaign plan fit this requirement perfectly.

The Szeged-based creative agency and software development company, now the winner of the tender is tasked with developing the entire annual Facebook strategy while planning and developing the necessary applications.

The agency from Szeged has received various assignments for the creation and management of Facebook pages and campaigns. Garnier Hungary’s Facebook page and the management of the Garnier Fructis Men Facebook game and the Garnier BB Campaign are some examples. Other corresponding work include the development and management of the Facebook page for the EU-funded Energy Vampire campaign.

Team of dm drogeria markt at Factory: Roland Kanyó sortiment and PR manager with Gabriella Mikóczi and Alexandra Hosszu PR assistants

On June 28, dm’s PR team travelled to Szeged to visit Factory at its office and conduct a project meeting.

András Heszegi Senior Interactive Developer speaks about Facebook

Having met Factory’s team, the managers from dm have taken part in a meeting where specific details for the first three months’ cooperation have been laid down. The group had even visited a local dm store, and as an epilogue they had the traditional fish stew dinner.


Commission begins in July 2012 and ends in September 2013.

Garnier Fructis Men Facebook game

28. September 2011.
We completed another successful project with L’Oréal Magyarország Kft (L’Oréal Hungary Ltd.). From the start of Garnier Hungary’s Facebook Page the most significant online social campaign in the project was the promotion page of Fructis Men products supplemented with an online game and a banner campaign. Factory Creative Studio was responsible for the creation and the realization of the creative concept.

The essence of the concept is a auto racer flash game. To be able to register for the awards, the players have to complete both parts of this game. The grand prize is a chance to drive an F3 racing car at Nürnburgring on 15 October. The game is available on Garnier Hungary’s Facebook page, made by Factory.

A text message game completes the online product promotion. Publicis Magyarország (Publicis Hungary) is responsible for the coordination. Factory cooperated with Garnier International and the headquarter of Publicis in Paris.

Garnier Men Arena

11. June 2010.
Garnier planned to promote its new product line, Garnier Mineral Deodorant for men, through an online campaign in connection with the World Cup 2010. This product line is the first anti-perspirant with Mineralite designed for men by Garnier. The deodorants give 48hr and 72hr non-stop protection against sweat and odour for men.

Factory Creative Studio has completed the launch online campaign for the product line with the help of a football betting game. We worked together with Publicis Hungary who brought the conception.

The entity of the game is to register on Garnier Men Arena’s site to tip the results of the matches with a stake fixed by the player itself. Bets can be put on the winner, the finalists and the semi finalists of the World Cup.

Users can also join groups established on the site, that’s how their individual and team output also counts. The system generates the individual and team lists by the winning bets, the team members’ par and other multipliers.

Next to the excitement of the game players can also win valuable prizes such as a trip to Barcelona for two, a Samsung monitor, Garnier Men pack, etc.

Next to the complex programming the web design also acted upon the sophisticated style of L’Oréal.
During the Word Cup, the campaign was completed by banners, inter-active betting-, video- and bridge banners on highlighted online surfaces. Above all, the 3D elements powered pre-rolls in connections with the videos of the online boradcast were also completed in out studio.

We use the basic web design elements to create the spots, but creating the conception and converting 2D elements into 3D were the tasks of our onair department.
We had 5 working days from designing the storyboard, the conceptions and the sceneries till completing the sound-ready 3D material.

THe Karate Kid Quize

11. June 2010.
As the part of the global collaboration of SPT and Columbia Pictures we have completed a contest site for the Karate Kid movie featuring Jackie Chan.

On the site which appears in more than 30 SPT website around the world, candidates can write 100 words about why they should be the next karate kid. The contest site is in connection with the official site of the film.

The winners have a chance to win the Ultimate Karate Kid Trip to China.

Prince of Persia Quiz

25. May 2010.
A unique quiz module developed for Sony Pictures Network's web pages makes the publication and management of quizes easier.
This time we use this modul for the  Prince of Persia quiz, which could be reached on Hungarian AXN.
With one correct answer, the lucky ones could win tickets for the premier.

AXN Film Festival 2010

18. May 2010.
AXN Film Festival will be held this year again. The deadline of the competition is 16th July 2010.  This year's main prize is a trip to Hollywood's Sony Studios.

The microsite, banners of the event were completed by Factory's Online Dept.

The Kill Point

08. April 2010.
Another showpage was completed for the website of the German AXN TV. The series Kill Point is a real-time story about a group of military veterans, who recently returned home from serving in Iraq, band together to pull off a major bank heist.
The graphic design of the showpage based on the characters of the two  main actors: John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg.

Beyond wallpapers and marquee our online dept. created an online game also. The aim of the game is to identify the men taking hostages and make phantom photos. The speciality of this game is that we use the original characters from the film.

The First Newsletter of Animax Germany

07. April 2010.
The first newsletter of Animax Germany was sent today to the subscribers. The mothly newsletter's syllabus is the following:
A block for one accentuated and four important shows. The next two blocks are for materials in connection with the channel from which the  horoscope is permanent.

The special feature of the newsletter is the possibility to put gif banners in it.

Star Night - a whole night with the stars

08. March 2010.
Every last Fridays' night of a month is dedicated to a famous filmstar, director or producer on AXN Germany. The series starts on 19th March
2010 with Bruce Willis, the biggest action star in Germany last year.

The special feature of the microsite for Star Night completed by Factory Creative Studio is that the costumer can refresh the content of the site monthly on their own. Later, the site' will get a new look. The techical details of the site are similar than Animax Battle site.

Another novelty is the custome made marquee pattern.  Our  client  can  refresh the marquee by changing the pictures.

Seriesjunkies on AXN Germany site

11. November 2009.
We created a blog to the German AXN. As the hungarian seriesjunkies the German fans can blog, fill up pictures, make comments on the blog of ANX Germany.


Irina Tilev
Marketing Manager, Networks Russia & CIS

Sony Pictures Europe House
"Bea - my compliments - this is a fantastic looking 1st draft, one of the best I've ever seen! I would like to share it with Mara and Tom tomorrow and get back to you with our joint feedback.

(Comment for Beatrix Bolla about the drafts of AXN Baltic brochure design)"