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New product line for Fit Food Ltd.

10. May 2010.
A new product line, Food Index, has been launched by the remarkable player of Hungarian canning industry, Fit Food Ltd.  The canned green peas and sweet corns are planning to be sold in foreign markets.

The graphic designers of Factory emphasized the good quality of the raw materials with bright and light colours.

Spring Car Care

28. April 2010.
The hotter the weather is the more car appears on the streets. Medikémia Zrt.'s Prevent Shine car care products give you fast and effective solution to make your car neat and clean before the first ride of the year.

The package was designed by Factory's Onpaper dept.

Fit Food website

12. September 2008.
The website of the Fit Food Ltd. has been published. The website has three language variants (Hungarian, English, Russian), and can be edited through an easy-to-use administration interface.

Printed materials of the Fit Food Ltd. are provided by our on paper branch.

Medikémia Zrt. ügynökségi megbízás

16. November 2007.
Hungary’s biggest home owned company selling car care and operation products decided to change its 15-year-old corporate image.

In the summer of 2007 Medikémia Ltd. issued a call for restricted tender to re-design the image of its major market leader, premium category car care brand. The current uniform image of the product line has been present in all Hungarian car marketing channels since 1993.

The graphic renovation includes about 100 product graphic. Among these can be found: aluminium and steel sheet aerosol bottles, aluminium tubes, cylindrical shaped steel sheet boxes, plastic flacons and cans, and stick-on labels.

Medikémia Ltd. signed a long-term contract with our company thus we participate in the creative design of further products in the future.

First ‘members‘ of the renewed Prevent product line are appearing on markets of local and surrounding countries.

Pick Szeged package designs

07. June 2006.
Szeged’s leading food industrial company called us upon to design labels, POS materials, displays, boxes, etc. for its premium products. Beyond these we also designed newsletters, ads, Christmas cards, leaflets and a lot of other printed materials.


Tamás Witzl

Farmit Hungária Kft.
At the setout of Farmit project, it was crucial for us to prepare all our online and offline marketing-communication tools with a domestic studio in reliable quality right from the shaping of the brand. The results of our cooperation are corporate design elements, printed company materials, press advertisements, PR articles, videos, electronic newsletters, online advertising campaigns and several services running in the background. With its broad service portfolio, creative ideas and flexible performance, Factory proved that we chose correctly. I regard it a momentuous virtue that the colleagues, having a good grip of the latest technological deals and trends, also find their ways within the communicational surroundings of the more traditional markets, and are able to present continuously and outstandingly.