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CE Glass Industries Image publication

12. November 2012.
2012 has been a significant year for CE Glass Industries. They have finally claimed their new building, one of the most modern production complexes in all of Central Europe.

We have been given the task to design a brand new image catalogue for this magnificent event; this included the development of the design concept and the execution of the printing process.

CE Glass Industries has been our client for a long time. Our company has been in charge of revitalizing the firm's identity, along with the design of their very own publication called 'Tények tükrében'.

Mini Festival at Old Synagogue

04. October 2012.

After the Thealter Summer Festival, the MASZK Association is expecting theater-lovers with an autumn collection and mini festival. The programming for the autumn collection is available at the Maszk's homepage. Program and includes performances like 'Tóték' from István Örkény and the 'Pyramidon' of the Central European Dance Theater.

Thealter U21 plus is organized between the 10th and 14th of October in the Old Synagogue; information is available at site of MASZK Assosiation.

The festival allows novices from high schools and colleges of art, both local and those residing outside the borders, to introduce themselves.

The MASZK Association has been our client for years and Factory supports them with its ProBono program.

25 years jubilee of Szeged Contemporary Ballet Association

01. October 2012.
In honor of the 25 years jubilee of the foundation of the Szeged Contemporary Ballet Association, two exhibitions of the works of photo artist Béla Dusha was opened to the public on Wednesday.

Two exhibitions of the works of photo artist Béla Dusha have opened in Szeged. The exhibition is titled "Szeged Contemporary Ballet 25" and will take place in the Árkád Szeged shopping center. The audience will have the chance to indulge in photographs created at dress rehearsals of memorable events. The exhibition titled "Tánc-Tér-Kép" or "Dance-Space-Image" will be available open-air in front of the Reök Palace. The recordings portray the association's dancers in various unusual scenarios and situations, including the cables of bridges, a swimming pool, at the marketplace, on an oil field and in the fire station.

The exhibition titled "Szeged Contemporary Ballet 25" is available up to the 10th of October, whereas the open-air exhibition in front of the Reök Palace is available for a full month.

Factory Creative Studio has been in cooperation with the world-renown association for years. Among others, we have been the ones to revitalize their website. For the 25th jubilee we have designed a jubilee logo and billboards for the Béla Dusha exhibition. We are also providing the association support from our ProBono fund.

THEALTER festival is starting today

23. July 2012.
In 7 days and at 14 different locations, 23 theatrical performing groups of 8 nations will introduce themselves in Szeged, on THEALTER, Hungary's only annual international theatric festival.

This is the 22nd time that the event is going to take place; it is one of the most prized theatrical festivals known throughout Europe. The event is organized by the renewed FESZ (Alliance of Independent Actors) and the MASZK Society of Szeged. Over 60 shows are offered to visitors: beside the theatrical shows there will be 3 exhibitions, various book- and magazine presentations, free open-air and professional programs. The schedule includes 8 premieres, 5 of them will only be available in Szeged during the festival. Moreover, 6 of the programs, performed by foreign and ex-border Hungarian actors, will not be available in other parts of Hungary.

Just like during the previous occasions, there will be over 20 volunteers aiding the festival's organization this year as well. The festival paper, Ex-stasis, will be available, the online schedule will be updated daily and the events are to be broadcast by the festival's very own radio and television service. As for the locations, the center of the festival is to be the old synagogue, with some plays available at the Small Theatre, the floating house 'Freedom', the 'Castle Park' and an 101-year old house. The festival's detailed programming is available here.

Factory Creative Studio contributed to the 22nd THEALTER Festival with more than half a million Forints worth of working hours – designing the bulletin, poster, banners, tickets and badges –, funded by its ProBono program.


25. May 2012.
THEALTER is the only annual international theatrical festival in Hungary. Organized by the MASZK Society, it is to take place from the 23rd of July and last until the 29th. The festival is currently undergoing renewal in both design and content.

The festival is to be realized in the association of MASZK and the Independent Performing and Arts Council (FESZ), with special guest Béla Pintér and his association.  Available shows will include a selection of five of the FESZ members’ latest performances. For the first time, FESZ members will also be given the chance to take part in a competition. The task is to make plans for a performace at one of the following famous landmarks of Szeged: a 101-year old building, a boathouse, a fountain and the Auditorium Maximum in the building of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Szeged.

The festival program will also include a street theater and a workshop. The festival’s free daily magazine called Ex-stasis will be published and the THEALTER Radio with the THEALTER Blog will also be launched during the festival’s time frame. The renewed festival will also be present at the Csillag Prison’s Pista Dankó Festival with a special performace.

Factory created the festival’s bulletin and website. As original developers of the MASZK Society’s website, we have been in charge of managing it for several years now. We are proud to be long-term supporters of the festival-organizing society in part of our ProBono Program.

Broken Dreams in Palace of Arts

23. May 2012.
"Broken dreams", a production of the Szeged Contemporary Ballet association will be on show on May 25 at the Palace of Arts in Budapest. The show is based on the songs of the legendary band Syrius, which will be played by the Hungarian Frank Zappa Tribute Band during the performance. Factory has been providing support for this new performance of the Contemporary Ballet association from its very first steps: we have been designing and producing a sales kit and a referential multimedia DVD.

The website of the performance is available at and further information can be found at the website of the Palace of Arts.

Broken dreams

13. January 2012.
The Szeged Contemporary Dance Company is getting ready for their brand new performance entitled „Broken dreams„”. The show is based on the legendary  „Syrius” group's music, played live by the Hungarian Frank Zappa Tribute Band. The unique visual effects ensured by Aximmetry Studio will certainly make it an unforgettable event.

Factory is supporting the Dance Company from the very first steps by the design and production of the sales kit and the reference multimedia DVD.

To find out more about the show visit:

Invisible strings is attending festivals

28. March 2011.
The documentary Invisible strings - the talented Pusker sisters, the third production of Hungarian HBO, was chosen to participate in the program of the Canadian International Documentary Festival Hot Docs 2011 and in the international competition of documentaries at the 51st Krakow Film Festival. The movie has already been awarded a prize by the Hungarian film critics (Magyar Filmkritikusok Díja) in the Documentaries category.

Press kits, placard and the violin shaped flyers were made by Factory.
Congratulation for the team of Invisible strings!

Szilánk - Mirror of Facts

15. December 2010.
One of Factory's most important projects this year is the  revitalization of Szilánk Zrt's profile, including the completion of  the Mirror of Facts publication.
The demanding brochure highlights the story and the Szilánk's activity  - which deals with glass processing - in Hungarian, English and  Russian languages. The brochure received a large emphasis on our  colleague's, Szabolcs Husz's, photos.

Maszk programmes, october

05. October 2010.

MASZK's Fall program continues on 7th October. For the details check the
website tof MASZK.

The homepage and the print materials were created by Factory Creative Studio.


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