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Farmit research

13. December 2008.
In November 2008 we got a comission from Farmit Hungary Kft to create and give bid for their thematic and agricultural information website’s marketing plan for 2009. We  can guarantee our plan’s success if a result of a survey or a marketing research is available for us in advance. Because the site was launched in August 2008 researches hasn’t been necessary yet. We suggested our partner to do a comprehensive research at the end of January or right at the begining of February before starting agricultural works.

About the research

Our task was to interview the registrated users of the site.

The main purpose of the research is to get to know the users
user’s demographic content
to get to know user’s demand, what other (unknown till now) demands come up about the website, what they would read with pleasure, from which areas they would get information through the website.


We determined the topic and the purpose of the research.
The determination of the consumers which we want to examine: registrated users of
We defined the mode and the necessary size of the sample.
We send the questionnaire to every registrated users using the Factory Survey System. More than 40 % of answer was arrive.

After discussing with we create the questionnaire.

We make a test with a testgroup:  We check the software with test questionnaires indside Factory Creative Studio and also together with the client.
We repair the mistakes which come up during the test and put the experiences into a final questionnaire.
We transact the inquiries.

We process the incoming datas, such as collecting and registering them.
The program creates the comparative tables according to the answers. In the case of the free words questions we process the questionnaires with the help of the excel files made by the program.

We create the essay and the document about the proposal, in which we answer for the principal’s questions or make solution proposals.

We create the presentation and prepare the appraising conversation. It is important that it would be a comprehensive, consistent and objective display according to the collected datas. 


Mónika Wirth-Schreiber
Regional Marketing Manager

HBO Holding Zrt.
"HBO Central Europe has been working together with Factory Creative Studio since 2006, at present we are contractual partners in integrated communication solutions. The collaboration started within the field of PRINT, we have been (and are still) commissioning Factory with the designing and implementation of different marketing-, marketincommunication, sales-, corporate-, and PR materials. Later we extended our cooperation to webdesign and the development of various softwares. On the whole, our collaboration is smooth and fruitful, we can show up countless succesful projects. The employees of Factory are outstanding graphic artists and web developers, their creative solutions, high capacity of work, flexible attitude and quick issue management greatly facilitates our task. The two fields they should brush up a bit are complying with deadlines and paying attention to the proccess of feedbacking, thus saving time. In short, we are satisfied with their work!"